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No Time to Mess Around

I’ve got a basket full of new music to unwrap on this week’s World Music Show (9/9). Ok, wait—that’s a lie. Really, every track on this week’s show was downloaded digitally. Is that redundant? Because when you download something doesn’t that imply “digitally”?

No matter how you slice it or splice it (see what I did there?), this week’s show is all about the new music—not my poor attempt at electronic puns. What does this mean for you? Well, nothing really—the sound quality will still be the same. But for me, I miss the struggle to wrestle open the shrink wrap off of new CDs (and really, I also like actually holding something tangible while reading over the liner notes and soaking everything in).

So buckle up or strap yourself in because there's no time to mess around.

Some of the highlights from our digital digging include new music from a Detroit-based, bilingual group called Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas. They recorded two—count them two—versions of the same CD called Telephone & Telefono, respectively. It’s their first release and on it, they fuse smoldering Latin grooves with styles like Goth Pop (didn’t know there was such a thing!), psychedelic surf music (again, had no clue), Dancehall and even Punk.

Hernandez, a second generation Cuban and Mexican-American, felt it was her duty to explore her Hispanic roots. So, after recording the first part in the U.S., she did the Spanish version in Mexico City.

Another newbie—at least for the World Music Show—is a track from a group called the Chicago Afrobeat Project. This group got together about 15 years ago while jamming with others in a loft in West Chicago. And, as a coup, they landed some help from the legendary drummer Tony Allen, who if you don’t remember, was one of the founders of Afrobeat, along with Fela Kuti.

And speaking of Afrobeat. The 12-piece Afrofunk outfit known as Chopteeth also seem to channel Fela Kuti. On their latest CD, called Bone Reader, this DC-based band brings the funk. They’ve performed all over the place, including a spot at the cast party for HBO’s “The Wire.”

Transitioning from Afrobeat back to Latin Rock N Roll, I’m excited to have you hear the couple of tracks I picked from the Latina band Ladama. They’re global group from Venezuela, Brazil, Columbia, and the U.S. and they combine Spanish, Portuguese and English in their songs. They also combine traditional sounds with a modern pop edge. Their songs are just to fun to hear, full of eager energy. Though, we’ll hear the songs “Cumbia Brasilieria” and “Elo,” check out their video to this song “Porro Maracatu,” which I found on TheFader.

Think I’m done with the newness? Nope, not by a long shot. I’m so excited that one of my favorite DJs from the 90s, Alex Jimenez, aka Ursula 1000 is releasing a new CD. It’s a throwback to 80s music—hence the name Galleria (perhaps?). We’ll hear the song “We Go High.”

In one of the last throws of really, truly brand new music (as in I hadn’t heard it before), we’ll check out a track from the U.S. band Making Movies. They weave Afro-Latino rhythms with psychedelic rock riffs. At times the front man Enrique Chi trades his electric guitar for a folkloric Panamanian Mejorana. They’re motto is “We’re all Immigrants.”

Now, the rest of the show still features new music—and digital too. But it’s from musicians I’ve been featuring already. However, is that a cause to frown? Nope, we’ll hear some new tracks from people such as: Juana Molina, Arian Saleh, Lila Downs and Skye & Ross.

Plus, we’ll check out songs from bands like Compass (the Mexican Institute of Sound), Afrosonics, Kokolo, I Speak Fula, Los Fabulosos and Cafe Tacvba, as well as La Vida Bohme, and Janka & the Bubu Gang.

Lastly, I’m throwing in some cover tunes by Nouvelle Vague, Mexrrissey, and a great cover of John Lennon’s “Julia” by Nina Miranda.

I’m sure I’ve missed some of the digital goodness in this blog, which means you’ll just have to tune in this Saturday from 8:00-10:00 p.m. on 88.9 WCVE Richmond Public Radio. You can also stream the show online via this website—in which you can also view track listings as I’m playing them. And, for fun, follow the show on Facebook at The World Music Show on WCVE and on Twitter @wcveworldmusic.