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Natty Fiesta Calcutta

They say you can't judge a book by its cover. Well the same can be said about the title to this week's blog. It's basically an agglomeration of some of the highlights that I like about the show this week. There's so much musical territory to cover in the mere two hours that The World Music Show covers, that in many shows, I want to make sure I help you get the most bang for your buck (speaking of bucks, are you a member of WCVE Public Radio? You can be by hitting up our Pledge page). In any event, there's a ton of great music to cover, so let me give you the lay of the land.

Why, in the first hour alone there's more than enough music for the price of admission. For instance, there's some Brazilian music from Raul Paz with his rollicking song called "Mua, Mua, Mua." And, there's some festive Brazilian music from a Putumayo record label CD called "Festa Brasil," (*Note, here is one clue to this week's blog title), with music from Gal Costa and Rita Ribeiro who play some really head-bopping music. Plus, a highlight of this first hour is a couple of tunes from the legendary Tito Puente. Talk about a man who set the bar high in terms of bringing World Music to the masses, and to many for the first time. His style of music goes back to late 1940s and early 50's, and of course beyond that, too. I'm sure many people thought Puente and his style of Latin Music was just a fluke back when he started, but the joke was on them. His music is still going strong.

And if he wasn't enough, you'll also hear from the likes of The Gypsy Kings, who of course are also legendary in their own right. And, I'll feature some music dubbed "New World Flamenco," by the musicians Tierra Negra & Muriel Anderson. Their music is traditional Flamenco music surrounded by some really infectious electronic beats. In a nice chunk of music, I'll feature some new music off the Playing for Change 2 CD. The song I'll feature is a cover of the Bob Marley song "Three Little Birds." On these "Playing for Change," compilations, the producers record musicians from all around the globe performing either well known songs, or new works written by mostly unknown musicians. Some of the highlights on these albums, though, is when they infuse their music with some well known, and respected World Music artists. And on this song, there's no shortage of great musicians. Besides the dozens of global musicians, both Baaba Maal and Keb' Mo play on this song.

As for the "Natty" part of this week's title, well, that belongs to the great Bob Marley. I play a couple of songs off his "Natty Dread" CD. You'll hear the song "Lively Up Yourself," and "Revolution." And, to finish up the title sequence that you see above (I should have included tidbits from hour two), I'll play a great sitar song off the CD the "Calcutta Chronicles," which features some great playing by Debashish Battacharya. Also, one last (I promise) must listen to highlight of the first hour, is the music of Minyeshu. She has a Richmond connection. How? Well her guitarist, Donnie Duvall is from here and went to the U or R.

Phew! All that just for the firs hour. Some bonus tracks from Hour Two include music from: UB40, Gigi, Bjork as well from David Byrne and Paul Simon.

Two of my favorites in this hour that I want to make sure you hear will be from Madness and The Specials. I sure do love some early 80s Ska music.

As you can, titles can be confusing. But to get enlightened, you should just tune in to The World Music Show this Saturday at 10:00 p.m. on WCVE Public Radio. And, if you're so inclined, you can follow my exploits on Twitter. I often post behind the scenes info about what I'm playing or why I'm playing what I'm playing. Just look me up by searching for @wcveworldmusic.