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Muy Fuerte Musica

Welcome to Short Attention Span Theater (I know I lifted that lead but it's ok--it was out of love.) In this time of multiple bombardments from a myriad of sources, I completely understand that my opportunity to grab the attention of your eyeballs -- or ear drums, since it's radio after all, for even a few moments--is precious. So, that's why on this week's World Music Show (10/6), I'll be playing some loud (Fuerte), rock-us (is that even a word?) music. All in an effort to keep you focused on the great music that surrounds us on this fine planet. 

And what better way to get a show started than with new music from a CD called Fuerte, by the guitarist and singer Eljuri. She's been compared the likes of Carlos Santana and that comparison is worth it (check out the video on the link--very cool). On her new CD, she works with some stellar musicians, including the famed producers and musicians Sly & Robbie. This a great follow up CD for Eljuri, and you'll be hearing more from this on future shows. Other highlights in the first set of music will be from the band Fatal Mambo, Michel Martelly, with Haiti Twoubadou, and some French Caribbean dance music from the band Wapa Sakitanou

But not every set will be a loud clamor. Good shows know when to slow down the pace a bit (you need to rest up for faster sets, right?). But don't worry, during these more tame moments, the music will still be fun. For instance, there will be a nice full but compact set of French music. If you think that's an oxymoron, don't. The five songs featured in this set are mostly two-minutes in length. And, we'll vary the styles going from the sixties up to the mid-2000s. So, it will be both "Full" and "Compact."

"We'll start off with a French Elvis (as in Presley, not Costello) wannabe named Johnny Hallyday, with his song "Ya Yah Twist," and follow that with a band called Les Chabroll's, who coined their name from the French director of the same name. Thrown in this chunk will be a couple of songs by the French raconteur Serge Gainsbourg, who was way ahead of his time at the time of his heyday back in the 1960s. One song I'll feature is a duet he did with the French actress Brigitte Bardot. And we'll end that set with a track from the French Chanson band Paris Combo, doing their best to immulate Django Reinhardt.  

To throw a wrench into the "Rockus" theme, I'll mix up a set that will feature some classic Italian music by the quartet Quartetto Cetra and Maria Pierantoni Giua and pair that with some heavy percussion sounds of Timbalada music from Xexeu and Ze Raimundo, and end it with a fun track from the rebirth CD by the Brazilian band Banda Uniao Black

If you want to keep the volume knob cranked up on your clock or car radio (really, where & how are you folks listening to my show? I'm curious--please let me know), that level you decide upon will be good for listening to the closing tracks provided by Vieux Farka Toure and Paul Simon

To keep the pace going at warp speed, for hour two, we'll revisit some sounds I played from a couple weeks ago that featured some Afrobeat Revival music (Afrobeat: a genre/term coined by the Nigerian musicians Fela Kuti and Tony Allen that incorporates funky, tribal, political music.). We'll hear from a pairing that features Mr. Something Something and Ikwunga The Afrobeat Poet. Plus, we'll hear a track from the band Kokolo, who have kept the spirit of Afrobeat alive. I'll even cap off the start of hour two with Peter Tosh's cover of the song "Johnny B. Goode." That cover makes me wonder just how many covers of that song are out there. 

If you like danceable, electronic-trance type music, then another set that features some trippy, electronic tabla music will be right up your alley. With tracks by Karsh Kale and Zakir Hussain, you'll be spinning or grooving (or however you like to dance--I don't judge. Dancing is good for the soul) for a good 15 minutes. 

Thrown in somewhere in hour two will be an upbeat, emotional rant by the late Joe Strummer (and what could be better, right?) as well some Ska music by the Specials and The English Beat. Ska dancing is the way to go, if you ask me. And that style and those two bands are always good to hear loud.

So, whether you want loud, Fuerte, music or something in between, this week's World Music Show should fit the bill. The World Music Show is heard every Saturday night at 10pm in WCVE Public Radio on 88.9FM or online via this website. If you'd like updates on the show or on World Music, follow me on Twitter, at: @wcveworldmusic.