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A Musical Love-Fest of Local & Newness Awaits

When I spin the big wheel o’ fun on this week’s World Music Show (4-22), I foresee the prize needle landing on both a mix of new music as well as some local World Music. How do I know this? I rigged the board—that’s right. I write the rules of this musical love fest—that’s just how it goes. So sit back, buckle up and get your fingers poised to spin the wheel (because that’s all people want to do, right? Spin?).

Now, here’s the run down of how the slots are going to filled. First up , for all the new music sections, we’ve got artists like:

Alex Cuba
A few weeks ago, a new CD by the Cuban-Canadian artist Alex Cuba arrived at the WM headquarters at WCVE. And so far, each track I’ve played, I’ve really enjoyed it. His voice and playing are so beautifully intertwined. And he reminds me of Michael Kiwanuka soul style. And yes, his style is a mix of Cuban and soul music, which is coincidental because Alex Cuba is his stage name. In 2010 he won a Latin Grammy for best new artist. His new CD is called Lo Unico Constante and off of that, we’ll hear the songs “Me Queda Este Grito” and “Ahora.”

Battle of Santiago
From Canada, you’ll hear a mix Afro-Cuban Rhythms from the band Battle of Santiago. This band combines classic Afro-Cuban rhythms along with some Canadian post-rock sensibility, which includes some electronica and classic Yoruba chants. This puts a unique twist on the music. Their new CD is called La Migra and off of that, we’ll check out the song “Aguanileo.”

Little Jesus
From the Nacional Record label—one of my favorite labels lately, this is a band out of Mexico called Little Jesus. This band has a large cult following in Mexico and have won awards on the Indie scene in that country. And, they’ve also opened two shows for The Rolling Stones, which is cool. On their first U.S. Release called Rio Salvaje, they have an amalgamation of psychedelic synth and retro-futuristic rock. Two songs will be heard off this release, and they are “Nuevos Amigos,” and “La Magia.”

Dayme Arocena
The new CD Cubafonia is by the wonderful singer Dayme Arocena, who has just wow’d everyone in the music world. I’ve been slowing winding my way through the entire CD, sharing songs with you along the way. For this section, I’ve jumped to the last track of the CD with the song “Valentine.”

I’ve already played a few tracks from this great collective known as Ondatropica. This band is really two guys who met while traveling in Bogota. They discovered their shared love of music and began meeting on a monthly basis to talk and share music, which is how Ondatropica was formed. From their, they collaborated with about 40 musicians who also loved Columbian music. On their second CD, called Baile Bucanero, they recorded in Bogota and Old Providence Island, which brought together a bunch of unique sounds. Off of that CD, we’ll hear the song “De Mar a Mar.”

Paris Combo
It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a new CD from the trio Paris Combo, who love to channel Django Reinhardt music. So far, their newest CD, called Tako Tsubo, seems true to form—which is a good thing. Off of that, we’ll hear the songs “Anemiques Maracas,” and “Bonne Nouvelle.”

Cilantro Boombox
Austin’s Cilantro Boombox takes Pan American music and pumps it up to a bolt of high energy. Off their new CD called Shine, we’ll check out the song “Onan’s Disciples.”

Orchestra Baobab
The big Afro-Cuban band Orchestra Baobab, who after a long break are back with a new CD, called a Tribute to Ndiouga Dieng, who was one of the many singers to sing for them. This band has been playing together for years—they started out as the hotel band at the hotel Baobab in Dakar. I’ll play the song “Magnokouto.”

For local music, get ready for:

Afro-Zen Allstars
Afro-Zen Allstars, an RVA favorite is out with a CD called Greatest Hits. Off of that, we’ll hear the song “Bemen Sebeb Letlash.” They play all around town, including stints at Garden Grove Brewery on Cary—so you should go check them out. They’re a big ensemble too, filled with really talented musicians who also play in other bands.

Mighty Joshua
It’s time to give some love to local Reggae musician Mighty Joshua. He recently secured a spot at the upcoming Rockn’ Lockin’ festival, which is a huge weekend event filled with big name musicians. Besides that, he’s been featured on my on-again-off again show within-a-show called A Different Spin, which I think was what secured his place. Plus, he’ll be featured on NPR this weekend, so look for that. Anyway, off his first, self-titled CD (he’s working a new release), I’ll play the song “Mighty Joshua.”

Some PitbullsonAcid is a good thing—so don’t be scared. The band is actually a local mixer who is named Brian Beggs..he’ll do one of my favorite songs called “Lunch with Fatfinger,” which you can find on his CD “Dragonfly Windowpane Flashback.”

A really great project that developed from three musicians who have worked together on various projects. The trio Miramar are made up of two members of Bio Ritmo (who’ll we’ll also hear from), the famed salsa band here in RVA, who are Marlysse Simmons and Rei Alverez. They partnered with Quarto na Bossa singer Laura Ann Singh (who’ll I’ll also play in the same set). Their collaboration was a dedication to the Puerto Rican Bolero singer/songwriter Sylvia Rexach, who was a trail blazer in that genre back in the 40s and 50s. Miramar has such a great album. They were even featured on NPR’s Tiny Desk concert. Off of their Dedication, here’s the song “Alma Adentro.” I’lll follow that with an entire set that will all relate to each other.

David Schulman
Off a CD called Quiet Life Motel, we’ll hear from was the local musician David Schulman, doing the song “Paper Moon,” which featured Bio Ritmo/Miramar musician Marlysse Simmons on the Farfisa Organ. It’s all circular, right?

Kevin Davis and Ban Caribe
I haven’t played Kevin in a long time and needed to pull out this really nice CD so we could all hear some local Caribbean sounds. Like many of the local bands, Davis plays all around Richmond. I first heard him play at a local department store, of which I was an employee. We’ll hear the song “Paradise.”

Now, mixed in throughout the show as well, will be other wonderful music—because the spinning wheel wasn’t quite filled up enough—but I want you to tune in to see just what It is I’ll play. And you can hear the show, every Saturday night from 8:00-10:00 p.m. on Richmond Public Radio, 88.9 WCVE. Plus, you can stream the show live via this website. And for kicks, you can join the fun via Twitter @wcveworldmusic and Facebook, at The World Music Show on WCVE.