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Musical Distractions

Some times we all need a little distraction. It's a good idea to once in awhile take a break from whatever is bogging you down or clouding your mind and listen to some music. What a great escape music can be, don't you think? So, on this week's World Music Show (4/6), they'll be two hours of some fun and distracting music.

We'll start the first hour of the distracting odyssey with some Fado and Brazilian tunes. We'll hear from Fado Em Si Bemol, who have a new CD out called "96", and we'll transition into some Tropical Discotheque music, which are Brazilian tunes culled from a trend that started in the clubs of East London. Specifically, we'll hear from El Timba and the band Quantic. To cap this first set will be a couple of Portuguese cover songs of David Bowie tunes done by Seu Jorge when he was a featured player in the movie "The Life Aquatic."

That first theme of Latin tunes will continue on in another set, which will feature songs by the legendary Sergio Mendes, who brings some of own songs, as well as those of his Tropicalia movement contemporaries, into the modern day. Off his CD, "Timeless," Mendes paired with the likes of, Q-tip and more. Also in this chunk of tunes, you'll hear some really great, alternative Latin music from the long-running band Cafe Tacuba. Plus, I'll sneak in a tune from another movie--this one is the song "Barcelona," that was featured in the movie "Vicky Cristina Barcelona." 

And to take a complete left turn--as distractions often do--and to complete the first hour, we'll hear some Irish punk music from The Pogues, then some Scottish music from the bands Capercaillie and Keltik Elektrik

Hour two continues the goal of giving you some good space to meander in your brain. We'll hear some early music from UB40, before they hit it big. This will seque into some Ska Madness--but don't be frightened, becuase really, it'll just be Ska music from the 1960s with the likes of Desmond Dekker & The Aces, as well from Boris Gardiner. As an added bonus distraction and as an extra dose of Madness, you'll hear a fun tune from the band Mandess, who do the song Michael Caine

From there, we'll jump into some live music with the help of David Byrne, when he too a trip to Austin to perform for the show Austin City Limits. A bookend to Byrne's two live songs will be two more featuring Bryne, but from his days with the Talking Heads. We'll hear two songs off their last CD as a band, called "Naked."

To close out the show and hour two, we'll hear some Backspin music, which really is the title of a great compilation CD from the folks at Six Degrees records. We'll hear a couple of great cover songs, one by Karsh Kale, who covers the Police song "Spirits in the Material World," and the Led Zeppelin song "Four Sticks," covered by the Indian duo Midival Punditz. Also mixed into this last bit O' music will be some electronic, loungy music from Ursuala 1000 and Pizzicato Five.

In looking over the list for these distracted two hours, I think you'll want to thank me--unless you get distracted. The World Music Show aires Saturday nights at 10:00 p.m. on WCVE Public Radio on 88.9FM or online on this website. Plus, you can follow the show on Twitter, @wcveworldmusic