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A Mother of a Show

There are things we do for those we love, even though we may not want to. For me, it's taking a trip to a craft store with my wife. I'll go because I know she likes to go there. But if I can avoid it, I will. Then there are the things we do for those we love becuase we know that it'll bring them great joy. That's the premise for this week's World Music Show (5/11).

In case you missed the Hallmark reminder, Mother's Day will be here this Sunday. I've made sure that both my kids--Piper (7) and Emmett (3) know about this important day. And as a double whammy, my wife, Mariah, will also celebrate her birthday--a very special birthday-- the very next day. Sometimes, the stars align and both Mother's Day and her birthday fall on the very same day. Either way, in the Stewart household, we celebrate both special days--no combining here.

So, what does The World Music Show have to do with both Mother's Day and my wife's birthday? Well, my wife's love of World Music--and her impressive CD collection were one of the main reasons the World Music Show got off the ground. You see, the demo show I had to do for the station more than six years ago had to fill a two-hour window--that's two, 59-minute shows. And if you were to look at my collection back then, well, let's say that my tastes ran more toward 80s Alternative music (they still do). I only had a smattering of CDs that would be considered "World Music," which were Japanese pop, Reggae, lots of Ska and some CDs that I can't even recall. 

On the other hand, her collection covered a multitude of locations and styles. She had a ton of French Nouvelle music, lots of Brazilian, Latin, Tango and Argentinian music. Plus, she acquired quite the World Lounge collection. Because of her collection and her love of good music, I was able to not only get a World Music Show, but I was able to develop my own love of this amazing genre of music. So, it's with this acknowledgement that this week's show is based around. All the CDs this week are from her collection--and many of the songs are her favorites (or they're ones that I know she'd love). You can think of this week's show as a digital mixed tape/love letter to my wife for Mother's Day and her birthday. And though this show is dedicated to her, I think everyone listening will get a kick out of it.

To kick-start the first hour, we'll take the way-back machine to hear some classic "world music" (I use the quotes becuase back in the 40s and 50s, the music wasn't defined by this label) from Harry Belafonte, Carmen Miranda and Desi Arnaz. In fact, you'll get to hear one song, "Tico-Tico" done two different ways in this set by two different singers.

The rest of the first hour will be dominated by a variety of Latin music, since Mariah loves everything about this style. We'll start off with a couple of tunes from the film "Woman on Top," including the singer Lenine and the band BossaCucaNova. Those two start off the Brazilian trend that she likes. I'll follow that with a song by the late "Barefoot Diva" singer Cesaria Evora, who was called the Barefoot Diva because she liked to go on stage without any shoes. She sang in a style called Morna, which is basically soul music of the islands--she came from Cape Verde. And the Brazilian beats will reemerge with a couple of songs from Sergio Mendes, who has the help of Fergie and will.i.am, from the Black Eyed Peas, as well as from the singer Ledisi

Other highlights to hear in the first hour include tracks from Peruvians Susana Baca and Eva Ayllon, as well as a Latin/Lounge song from Funkanzazenji. Plus, the hour will close with a nod to a great Brazilian mother and daughter, who happen to share a love for singing. You'll hear from Astrud Gilberto and her daughter Bebel. Her dad was the legendary composer Gilberto Gil and Astrud sang the very famous song "Girl from Ipanema."

As for hour two, it goes all over the map--literally. We'll hear from Bob Marley, Michael Franti and Spearhead, The Specials, as well as from the French band Lo * Jo and Pink Martini. Plus, we'll hear some African lounge music that was recorded in a Paris lounge called the Impala. And we'll stay in that loungy vibe with music from Ursuala 1000. Then, we'll jump around the globe to hear punk Irish music from The Pogues, then Latin-inspired music from David Byrne and I'll close the show with a little suprise tune. 

So, Happy Mother's Day and Birthday to you Mariah and Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's listening this week. The World Music Show aires Saturday Nights at 10:00 p.m. on 88.9FM or online via this website. You can follow the show on Twitter @wcveworldmusic