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More Newness & Goodness

Coming up on this week’s World Music Show (2/1), we’ll dig our way thru more new music from Piers Faccini’s new CD called I Dreamed an Island, which he wrote in real time. Plus, we’ll hear more newness and goodness from the bands Compass and Nouvelle Vague. And if that weren’t enough, we’ll also hear a Spanish cover band whose speciality is Morrissey.

Right off the bat for hour one, let’s jet over to France to hear more new tracks from the latest CD by Piers Faccini. He’s latest CD, called I Dreamed an Island, was written in real time which means that he was taking a look at the world around him and was able to write down all the things that he was affected by—which is what I was doing in Junior High, though unlike me, Faccini actually has talent and was able to put out a CD rather quickly. Off of that, we’ll check out the song “Bring Down the Wall,” followed by “Cloak of Blue.”

Keeping the first set in a French vein, we’ll hear trio of French tunes, but nothing that you’d find from the Moulin Rouge. From the alternative band Aquaserge, which has been described as “pure 60s Freakbeat,” which is a cool description—they’ve been compared to everyone from Coltrane to Zappa to The Beach Boys. In any event, we’ll hear their song “Les Plus Beaux Jors,” which is off their new CD called Guerre, which is an EP, as in a short set of tunes.

From the African continent, well, sort of, we’ll hear some Organic Grooves, which is a band, or rather a collective of DJs and musicians from New York; a track from Issa Bagayogo and a song from the legendary Johnny Clegg and Savuka.

Closing out the first hour, will be songs from Ocote Soul Sounds, which is really a musician named Martin Perna, who also started the band Antibalas. We’ll hear two tracks off his CD Taurus, which are the songs “STTP (Speak Truth to Power)” followed by “Guantanamo.” Following that, we’ll from an upcoming new CD that’s not even released yet—because I have connections, by the Latin Jazz singer Dayme Arocena. The song is “Mambo na Ma,” and her new CD is called Cubafonia, which is expected on March 10. She’s a young Cuban singer, who’s gaining quite the following.

Capping off the hour will be a track from the recent Grammy-wining CD Ziggy, by—you guessed it—Ziggy Marley. We’ll follow that with a couple of tracks off a rare compilation CD devoted to Reggae music called Rhythm Come Forward. We’ll hear from Bob Marley & the Wailers and from Peter Tosh, who if you didn’t know was a one-time Wailer.

For the second hour we’re going to get a little electronic and bombastic. First up, it’ll be a project put out by the Mexican Institute of Sound, called Compass. The Institute was started by a producer and DJ and he likes to work with a whole bunch of different musicians, DJs and the like, and they put out collections. On this song, called “Velcro,” they got together with a DJ called Toy Selectah, Kita Kline and Helado Negro.

Paired with that will be tracks from Manu Dibango who is a Cameroonian musician and song-writer. He plays saxophone and vibraphone and he developed a musical style fusing jazz, funk, and traditional Cameroonian music; and a song out of Hoboken known as Yo La Tengo.

Then it’ll be time to get under covers—ok, really I’ll throw on the CD rack a couple of great cover tunes. First from a band that I’m loving more and more, since they are a Morrissey cover band (Morrissey, as in the former lead singer of the 80s alternative band The Smiths), called Mexrrissey.

Following them will be a track from Nouvelle Vague’s latest CD of 80s covers, which will be a rare song called “Love Comes in Spurts,” which was originally done by Richard Hell and the Voidroids. Also in this set of covers will be a Brazilian cover of a Brazilian song done by BossaCucaNova.

Keeping true to the electronic theme I mentioned, we’ll tackle a whole chunk of Tabla Beat music, with tracks from Karsh Kale, Talvin Singh and Remember Tomorrow.

Then to close out the show, we’ll back in time again to hear the song “Ruby Dear,” by the Talking Heads, which is on their last CD, Naked. I’ll follow that with a song by The Police (“Hungry for You”), and one by the great British smart band XTC, doing perhaps the only song I can squeeze into this format called “Almost Africa.”

The World Music Show will be a good way to celebrate your Saturday night. It airs from 8:00-10:00 p.m. on Richmond Public Radio, 88.9 WCVE. You can also stream the show via this website. And you can follow me for updates on Twitter @wcveworldmusic and on Facebook at The World Music Show on WCVE.