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May in Paris or a Rhythmic Odyssey?

So, I'm sort of bummed out. Why, you may ask? Well, I totally missed an opportunity to play on the phrase "April in Paris." Which meant that if I would have been a tad more on top of things, I could have done a whole show in April with just French music. But alas, It's May, and though I missed the boat, I do have a bit of French music to start this week's World Music Show (5/17).

But that's not all that's going to dominate this week's show. Instead, it'll be a Rhythmic Odyssey of Sound (hence the duel titles for this week). Either way and with whichever title you prefer, it's going to be fun-filled show, so let's get started.

As for that French music--not to burst your bubble, but it'll only be a couple of songs off a cool compilation from the folks at the Putumayo record label. We'll hear from Thomas Fersen, with his song "Au Cafe de la Paix," which means at the Cafe of Peace. Ferson, by the way, is one of the leading artists of the Nouvelle Scene. And though he played with multiple rock bands, he found his groove when he started to play the French piano bar circuit. I'll follow that with the singer Aldebert with the song "Carpe Diem," who, yes, got the inspiration from seeing the movie "The Dead Poets Society."

After that, we begin our Rhythmic Odyssey. We'll start along the Mediterranean with tracks from the French band (well, ok, yes, another French band) Lo' Jo, and from another French band Tekameli, who sort of sound like the Gipsy Kings, meaning that they have a strong flamenco-style sound. From there, we'll hit up Israel to hear from David Broza, who is one of Israel's most famous singers; and from Etti Ankri, who sold enough albums to earn her a double platinum status in Israel. Add to that set a trip to Italy, to hear from Fred Buscaglione, who was both a stage, film and singer in the 1950s--sort of like Frank Sinatra. In fact, his persona was that of a tough guy with a big heart.

King Sunny AdeFrom there, we may change the wording from Odyssey to Variations, but the music will be just as vibrant. We'll head to the African continent to hear from musicians such as King Sunny Ade, Dilika, Mzikayifani Buthelezi (who both include some great South African Guitar Work), and from Kid Malume and Philip Encobo, who also are two highlights of Soweto Street Music. Closing out the hour will be a track from The Impala Lounge in Paris, France, which likes to feature West African Music--in this case, it'll be drummer and co-Afrobeat founder Tony Allen.

For the second hour, we'll keep the Rhythms going, but they'll be all wicky-wacky. What does that mean? Well, it means that we'll jump from here to there and back again. Well, we'll start with a couple cool covers done Buena Vista Sound style. If the name Buena Vista rings a bell, it's because it's a reference to the Buena Vista Social Club. But in this sense, it features only two member of that mega-band--Ibrahim Ferrer and Omara Portuondo. And what they bring to the table is their beats and sense of style in two cover songs: Coldplay's "Clocks," and U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For."

Andrea EcheverriePiggy-backing on that will be songs from the band Latin Playboys, who were a side-project featuring two members from Los Lobos. And we'll hear two tracks that feature one singer--that is Columbian singer Andrea Echeverri, who also fronts the band Aterciopelados.

The rest of the show is just downhill--ok, I'm making that up. I'm not sure if you're actually reading this or not. But if you are, you'll hear music from Seu Jorge and the band Almaz, doing two covers, Michael Jackson's "Rock with You," and the song "Girl You Move Me." Plus, we'll hear from the band Mano Negra as well from the band Domenico +2 and from Tom Ze. Plus, to cap off what will sure go down in history as the greatest show of all times, we'll hear two tracks from the Beatles, who--thanks to George Harrison, dabbled in World Music.

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