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Jump for Joy!

Not sure why I just decided to quote the Teletubbies in the headline for this week's World Music Show (3/30). It could be because of the cover picture, which is the band XTC. They, like the Teletubbies, were also British, and from this picture it looks like they were having quite a bit of fun. However, this may lead you to ask, why is that band being featured on the World Music Show? Well, believe it or not, there is one song in their canon that I think plays as a "World Music" type of song, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let's start at the begining, in the first hour, in the first chunk O' music, in fact. A few weeks ago I featured some music from the Argentine-Uruguayan Alt-Electrorock-Tango Band Bajofondo. And if that extremely long description isn't enough to get your musical ears perking up, then I'm not sure what else in the following two hours can accomplish that. But, back to Bajofondo. This band has been playing for a number of years and has garnered all sorts of awards, such as: Grammys, Oscars, Golden Globes and Latin Grammys. And it's this pedigree that has driven me to explore more songs off their new 21-track CD called "Presente." 

That band is just the opening salvo, too. Throughout the hour we'll hear some amazing guitar work from Rodrigo y Gabriella, and some fuzzy, classic Brazilian guitar work from The Pops (who do an ode to Jimi Hendrix), and some Indian Slide Guitar from Debashish Bhattacharya, who is a master player and a master craftsman--he builds all his own guitars.  Speaking of guitar work, another song you'll also want to listen for will be a track from the duo known as Asgeir & Mo. Asgeir Aaroen is from Norway and his style is heavily Latin influenced. On the song "Natt i Netanya" or Night in Netanya, he's partnered with violinist Bjarte Mo

To keep that Latin-beat going, we'll also hear from the Colombian band Aterciopelados as well as from the band Fatal Mambo, who are actually from France. Also, to piggy back on the opening theme of Fado music, we'll also hear some local music from guitarist Leah Kruszewski, singer Bernadette Stephens, bassist Brian Cruse and violinist Melissa Sunderland Jones. Together they form the band Fado Nosso, and if you're a frequent goer to local shows in town, then you may have seen them either playing separately or as Fado Nosso. On Saturday, they're having a CD release party for their first ever CD, called "Fado Nosso."

To round out the first hour, we'll also hear from Malaysian singer and ukelele player Zee Avi, and Tuareg guitarist Bombino and the Brazilian trio BossaCucaNova, who you may recognize as the band who opens up every World Music Show--in fact, you'll get to hear that opening song that's played every week in its entirety.  

For hour two, they'll be more songs that will make you Jump for Joy! just like a Teletubbie--well, I hope so anyway. We'll hear some Electronic African music that's been featured in a club in Paris called The Impala Lounge, and we'll dip into some 70's Turkish Rock, known as Turkish Freakout music to hear some funky, fuzzy tunes. Plus, we'll go back a tad farther and hear some Nippon Bossa Nova/Pop music from Japan. 

And, continuing a trend from the past few weeks, there'll be a mini-tribute--this time, to the band Cornershop. Though another British import, this band, led by Tinder Singh, knows how to throw in all kinds of world beats into its songs. We'll cap off the show with French song by the Police and that African song I mentioned by XTC. I think that, if you stick it out for the entire show, you will certainly Jump for Joy--or at least be entertained, sort of like the Teletubbies were when watching each other's bellies.

The World Music Show is heard Saturday nights on WCVE Public Radio, 88.9FM at 10pm or online via this website. You can follow the show on Twitter, @wcveworldmusic.