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It’s Alive! Live Music For Summer Nights

There's one thing I love about Summer--ok, there are many things I love about Summer, and it's not the Mosquitos, unless you're talking about the band "Mosquitos," then, yes, but I digress. I like going to hear live music. Whether it's in the park or at a festival, I love hearing a band or a musician when the weather is perfectly hot. I don't know what the mix is, but those two combinations make for a great night. On this week's show (6/25), my goal is to have you experience that feeling from the comfort of your porch, deck or even your air-conditioned house or car. Either way, some of the tunes I've picked should hopefully put you right there on the main lawn, shoulder to shoulder with your fellow music lovers.

First up, I'm featuring a couple of tracks from a live performance from a music festival in Nijmegan, Netherlands, that was recorded back in 2008. You'll hear a band called Chiwoniso, who are from Zimbabwe. Chiwoniso is the name of the lead singer, who was actually born in the U.S. but moved to Zimbabwe when she was about 15. Also from that festival, we'll hear a band from the Congo called Les Bantous de la Capitale who are considered founders of the Congolese Rumba movement. A good mix with that set will be a couple of tracks highlighting Timbalada music from Brazil, which is heavily tempered in drums and dance and was created in part by the legendary drummer Carlinhos Brown.

One of my favorites of this first hour, will be a couple of live tracks from The Buena Vista Social Club's appearance at Carnegie Hall. It was a historic event, bringing together the multiple musicians from Cuba to America for the first time--and it features some performances by a few of the musicians in that line-up for the last time.

To move completely stage left, as it were, you'll also hear some live music from the iconoclast Russian musician Yuri Shevchuk. He founded the band DDT but is mostly known for his solo work and even more for his political views against the Russian Government. He's been compared to Bob Dylan and even John Lennon for his musical courage in standing up for what he believes in.

To close out this first hour, as a special request to my wife, you'll hear a live performance from Cesaria Evora, also known as the barefoot singer for her barefoot appearance on stage. I don't know if she was barefoot or not when she appeared on stage at the Impala Lounge in Paris, but the odds would be in your favor if that's your guess.

In hour two of the show, I'll feature some nice long tracks from Paul Simon's historic concert in New York's Central Park back in 1991 in which he brought about a dozen muscians on stage (including Ladysmith Black Mambazo) to showcase both his "new" hits at the time from "Graceland" and "Rhythm of the Saints," as well as his older hits with Art Garfunkel.

And, as with many shows, I'll have a surprise up my sleeve. In this case, all I'll say is that this one features a band who was really popular in the 80's for their new wave songs, some dedicated to Planet Claire and to a certain Rock Lobster. Thier performance was captured live in Jamaica.

So, I hope you can bring the boom box out back and sit in a bug-free zone and enjoy this week's show. Feel free to leave me a comment or a suggestion. The World Music Show aires Saturday Nights at 10:00 p.m. You can follow my updates and comments on Twitter, at: @wcveworldmusic