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Islands in my Mind

Each week on the World Music Show, I like to try and come up with a theme, or exlpore an idea that I think you--the listener--would like. But for some reason,this week (4/30), my mind kept drifting to islands and faraway places. It could be the recent rash of storms or the teasing of warm, non-humid weather. Well whatever the reasoning behind my wandering thoughts, I decided to investigate some island music. And, since my mind is somewhat twisted, I'll be delving into some non-traditional island music, though I will be playing some music from places that is from places with palm trees.

First off, I'll play a live track from the Buena Vista Social Club's appearance at Carnegie Hall, which I'll follow up with some other great Cuban music, including tunes from Jose Conde y Ola Fresca and Rene Ferrer. Plus, I'll feature some more tracks from the senstational release from Afrocubism, which were recently voted as the Best Cross-Cultural Collaboration in Songlines magazine.

As for the tropical version of island music, I'll feature some beautiful music from the band Hapa, from Hawaii. Hapa are a duo, featuring a native born Hawaiin as well as a native from New Jersey. And the band Kali, from Martinique, will round out that set.

Some other island features this week will include tracks from Greece, the Caribbean and the South Pacific, as well as from Jamaica with Bob Marley (of course). But the island music that is a tad different is from Manhattan, which is technicaly an island, right? You'll hear from Eljuri, who is from Ecuador. And another island not normally associated with this theme will be from Japan, with the band Pizzacato Five. 

But the whole show is not about the tropics, I'll feature some music from the band Los Lobos and Cafe Tacuba. Plus, I'll feature some very interesting Dutch pop music.

And for my local world music spotlight, I'll feature the band Rattlemouth. Rattlemouth is a world jazz ensemble, who are versed in music from all over the place and were pursuing world music beats for quite a while. They play all the time, to see their schedule, check out their website here