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Home of the Mini-Tributes

Listen: I know you've been here before. You've got work to do, but it's vacation time (or as in many people's cases, "stay-cation" time). What to do? Well, as many people do, you sort of do both. So, for this week's World Music Show (8/24), I'm going to attempt just that--enjoy my "stay-cation" while at the same time fulfilling my personal obligation to keep you informed as to what to expect this week.

As the headline suggests, I've got a few "mini-tributes" lined up for your ears to enjoy. The mini-tribute is really just a chunk of music, one set really for each artist or band, in order to give a second (or first) listen to. And instead of breaking down this blog into the two hour segments as I usually do, I'm just gong to spin the wheel and throw out who I'm playing, willy-nilly. It may be a tad cruel, but in a small way, I'm hoping it'll get you to listen to the entire show (becuase, you know, it's worth it). 

However, lest you think I'm so cruel, I will line up for you exactly what mini-tributes you can expect this week. As the picture above suggests, there'll be a mini-tribute to the band UB40. Why UB40? You may only remember this band for their remakes of the Neil Diamond song "Red, Red, Wine," Or their collaboration with the Pretenders singer Chrissie Hynde. But, if you dig a litle deeper into their musical history, then you'll remember that for a number of years, they had a string of hits--and that their blend of crossover Reggae songs were heard everywhere. But where for art thou now UB40? Well, they're still around, touring and putting out music, though, their heyday is clearly behind them. Hence, the reason why I've decided to give them a mini-tribute. And, by the way, you'll get to hear that Hynde collaboration song, because it's a fun one to hear.

Also on the docket for a mini-tribute will be a salute to the musical genius that is Paul Simon. Last season, I was able to give Mr Simon a full hour of musical love (which is well-deserved), but in this week's show, I was only able to carve out a small chunk of tunes for you to enjoy. The fun part is that I was able to create a small arc of songs he's done, in the World Music vein, from his breakout "Graceland" CD to his latest CD, "So Beautiful or So What." This will be a fun chunk of music to tune into. 

As for the last "Mini-tribute," we're going to take another, small, look at David Byrne. Yes, I know I've played a few of these chunks of Byrne music before (I know a good thing when I hear one). However, I'm going to play a few different songs that I haven't played before. Namely, you'll get to hear two songs that he did with producer/musician Brian Eno, off thier CD called "Everything That Happens, Will Happen Today." Plus, I'll throw in a couple of songs that he did when he was part of the Talking Heads. These will be off their last CD as a band, which was called "Naked." 

Now, if these mini-tributes don't thrill you (though, they should, right?), then here are some of the other artists and bands to listen for--and to save time (since this is after all, my "stay-cation"), I'll proceed with the ever-popular bullet points:

  • Zee Avi
  • Angelique Kidjo
  • Los Lobos
  • Forro in the Dark (which also features David Byrne--man, he gets around)
  • Madness
  • The Pogues
  • Cornershop
  • Ursuala 1000

Now, the fun part with that above list would be to figure out where they fall into the two hours. And, those names above, well, that's still only part of the show. There will be of course, much more. So, whether you're on vacation, a stay-cation, or just tuning in to check it out, this week's World Music Show, will be sure to take you on a visceral vacation. The World Music Show aires Saturdays at 10:00 p.m.--but, starting next week, the show will move to a new time--8:00 p.m. Also, follow the show on Twitter @wcveworldmusic.