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Sometimes when I'm trying to think of what to play for a show, I toss around a few different themes or points on the globe in order to put together a solid show. Then, there are other times when I take all those ideas and just toss then in the metaphorical blender just to see what comes out. On this week's show (5/28), that's the route I've chosen. But, don't worry, blended shows are just as tasty as well, crafted shows. I mean, how else would you get to hear reggae music from New Zealand, or Woody Allen movie music from Barcelona? With a blended show, the possibilities are endless.

Here are just some of the musicians I'll be playing: The Jolly Boys, will be back for thier second visit on the World Music Show. They have a great new, CD out with nothing but cover tunes. And with their style of music called Mento--which pre-dates reggae and ska--makes the two tracks I'm playing ("The Passenger" and "Hanging on the Telephone.") sound fresh.

And I'll feature a tune by guitarist Jesse Cook who plays the song "Bogota by Bus."

And if you want to talk about blending, how's this? Yeahwon Shin, who is from Korea, has a whole CD that features her favorite Brazilian tunes. Also, every so often I have a local World Music spotlight on the show in which I play a local band that does World Music. As luck would have it, this is one of those weeks. The band Balkan Eyes plays a great mix of music from Turkey, Croatia, and Serbia. They often play around town and when they do, I'll feature updates via my Twitter updates.

As mentioned, I'm also featuring Reggae music from New Zealand by the band Katchafire as well as some Reggqe from Kingston, Ontario by the band Bedoin Soundclash.

And tht movie music from Woody Allen? Though Woody has featured some great Jazz music in his films, he also did a movie with some awesome Brazilian music in the film "Vicky Cristina Barcelona."

All in all it's going to be another great show. But as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. The World Music Show aires Saturday nights at 10:00 PM. My Twitter updates happen on a regular basis, be it every few hours, daily, or weekly. But the most Tweets come during showtime, as I'll frequently post background information pictures and other tidbits. Let me know what you think by leaving your comments below.