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Dub this Reggae Vibe

Listen: There are sometimes when I just need to relax, you know "chill," as they say. Weeks will go by until I realize that, "hey, life's been moving kind of fast lately, so I'd better slow down." (That's right, I talk to myself in quotes). But the point is, things are moving fast. Summer has just officially ended (though, I wish the weather would get the memo), my first daughter just started Kindergarten and there's the 10-year anniversary of the September 11th attacks.* So, it's with all these heavy things happening, that I really need some musical time to relax. And this week's World Music Show will be all about that goal: total relaxation.

To kick off the first hour, you'll hear a couple of long tunes from two masters: Oliver Mtukudzi and King Sunny Ade--both have been playing music for years (Mtukudzi is from Zimbabwe, while Ade is from Nigeria). Another highlight in this set will be a couple of tunes from the Jimmy Cliff movie "The Harder They Come." But I won't be playing any songs from Cliff, but from two classic reggae stars: Scotty and Toots and the Maytals.

And speaking of reggae, I'll feature some reggae from an unusual locale--Kingston, Ontario. That's where the band Bedouin Soundclash are from. Their music is both catchy and filled with good vibes.

But this first hour isn't all about reggae. On the contrary, you'll hear some tunes from France, by Arthur H. and by La Tordue. Plus, I'll even feature a bit of Cajun music from a band called File. I know that Cajun music is probably not considered "relaxing," but it's hard to have a show filled with just mellow tunes--I like to mix it up.

For the second hour, I've lined up more chill-out tunes for you. Right off the bat, I'm playing a tune from a reggae band out of New Zealand called Katchafire. They have an interesting story. Katchafire started as a regge cover band, playing mostly Bob Marley tunes. But I guess they started to slip in more and more of their own material. And, after some time, they've become one of the most popular bands in that region.

Of course, I couldn't let at reggae/chill out show go by without playing some Bob Marley. So, I'll feature a couple of early tunes off his "Reggae Roots" album. And, later in the hour, I'll play a tune by one of his sons, Ziggy Marley, who plays a really sweet song called "Cry, Cry, Cry," off his "Family Time," cd. This track features not only Ziggy, but Jack Johnson and Paula Fuga. And, I'm playing a couple of strong tunes from the late Peter Tosh," who wrote some very political and powerful songs, including the two I'll play: "Legalize it," and "Stepping Razor."

And, if there was one song--that's right one song, I'd want you to listen for, it'd be this: a cover of the Joni Mitchell song "Dreamland," done by Cataeno Veloso. It's really an interesting and fun mix to hear.

Well, there you have it--my recipe for a night of relaxing--mixed with some nice musical bopping, too. Let me know what you think.

The World Music Show aires Saturday nights at 10:00 p.m. on WCVE Public Radio. You can follow me on Twitter, at: @wcveworldmusic

*For September 11th, during this emotional, very important time to remember, I feel like this historic and tragic anniversary is being covered by so many shows, that on this show, I wanted to continue the goal of the World Music Show--and that is to play music.