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Covering The Covers And Artists Who Double Dip

You know, I really love doing the World Music Show. And with every show, there are segments or chunks, as I like to call them, that I feel truly gel. And there are other chunks that are good, but don't seem to have that magic. But then there are entire shows that I feel truly transcend the euphoric feeling I get when putting tunes together. This week I've put together one of those shows. I feel like I've been able to mix every aspect of World Music as well as inject a bit of humor in songs.

This week’s show (4/23) is all about cover tunes and covering musicians who have dabbled or jumped full bore into World Music, which means I get to play some really cool music. To kick off the show, I'm featuring two selections from a CD I've played numerous times already, Playing for Change. This CD features 10 songs that are mostly cover tunes performed live by artists from around the globe. The idea behind the music was to highlight musicians taking a unique view of popular songs, plus there's a whole foundation behind this project now too. I'll be playing the song "Stand by Me," which starts with a street musician in Santa Monica, and travels around the globe to include artists from South Africa, Congo, as well as from Russia, Spain and Italy. Plus, I'll play the Peter Gaberiel song "Biko."

Another don't miss cover is of Joni Mitchell's "Dreamland," performed by legendary Brazilian musician Cateano Veleso. He is able to give Joni's song a nice groove. As for the fun I mentioned, you'll get to hear the B-52's ode to Gilbertl Gil and Astrud Gilberto's classic song "Girl from Ipanema," though their version is called "Girl from Ipanema goes to Greenland."

If you're in the market to get one CD that has a good chunk of World Music cover tunes, then you need to get the Putumayo record label's Cover the World. This CD has a ton of great cover tunes, from a cover of the Lou Reed song "Walk on the Wild Side," to a cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child." And, there's a fun version of the Hall and Oates song "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)."

One of my favorite songs to feature in this hour is done by the late Joe Strummer. He does a searing, emotional rendition of the Bob Marley song "Redemption Song." And speaking of Bob Marley, I'll feature two other Marley covers, one from Brazil, the other from Canada.

Now, if the first hour doesn't sound like gooey fun for your ears, then you're sure to love hour two. In this hour, I'll feature pop/rock artists who have either dabbled in World Music, or who have fully immersed their pop/alternative selves in that genre.

The hour starts off with two songs from The Police, who at an early point in their careers, before playing sold out arenas, were known for playing punk music with more than a hint of Reggae. You'll hear a song from early on in their meteoric trajectory, "Masoko Tanga," to a song off their last album, "Walking in your Footsteps."

And that's just to kick off the second hour. Some other highlights include a couple of Peter Gaberiel songs, one which features Youssou N'dour, "Shaking the Tree," and off his Us CD, I'll play the fun song "Kiss the Frog."