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A Cavalcade of Sound

Lately I've noticed, while reviewing my past blogs, that I've kind of adopted a "shuffle" theme. I realize this is because trying to pinpoint one or two themes for The World Music Show is a hard thing to do week after week. It's not as if I don't like theme shows, it's just I like to put together shows the way I like to listen to music--all over the place. It's sort of like when I listen to the radio, I like to be surprised. And I like to pass along that same surprise feeling to you. So many of my shows, I've noticed, will have chunks or mini-sets of themes. Like mutual countries are mushed together, or a theme of an instrument selection will be placed with delicate care. But mostly, I go by my gut.

So for the 7/16 show, I've once again assembled a collection of tunes using my gut instinct.
For instance, in the first hour, I'll be playing music from the new Red Hot + Rio 2 release that features two discs of great Brazilian music done by some legendary artists who collaborate with some pretty cool U.S. artists. In the coming weeks, you'll hear from Beck, Caetano Veloso, David Byrne, and Tom Ze to name just a few. But for this first outing, I'm playing a great song by a band called Superhuman Happiness and one from Alice Smith & Aloe Blacc.

And I'll also feature some music from Dan Zanes and Friends, who are mostly known for playing some fantastic kids music. But I wouldn't even categorize his music as "kids." Zanes calls his style of music "family" music. And it's true. My whole family, including my 5-year-old and almost two-year-old regularly bop around to Dan Zanes and Friends. I'll be playing a song off his "Nueva York!" CD. Also, as a spoiler alert for you, in September, I'll be working on getting an interview with him and I'll be playing cuts from his upcoming release called "Little Nut Tree." Plus, he'll be playing a live show in Richmond, so stay tuned on my blog or via my Twitter updates for more news.

Some other highlights from this weeks show include some acoustic French music by way of San Francisco with the band Rupa & the April Fishes as well as some Afro-Pean music from Zap Mama and some head-boping music from Bjork.

A sort of recurring segment (ok, I've only done this twice before), will be when I play some music from this old format called the "cassette tape." Yep, no crackly LP sounds, but just a fun way to share some world music from my (and my wife's) collection. With this chunk of music, you'll hear some classic reggae from Jimmy Cliff, as well as some sort of classic ska from The English Beat.

By the looks of it, I think this will be a fine show.

The World Music Show aires Saturday night at 10:00 p.m. Follow a live Twitter conversation during the show. Look me up @wvceworldmusic