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A Brazilian Love-Fest

It’s going to be a Brazilian love-fest on this week’s World Music Show (5-13). In the first hour, I’ll have an interview with the founder of the band Forro in the Dark. We’ll talk about their new CD as well as some of the great musicians they’ve worked with. Then for the rest of the show, we’ll explore the subcultures of Brazilian music. So either you way you slice it, the Brazilian beats are going to be thick this week, which is by no means a bad thing.

Last week, I was lucky enough to interview Mauro Refosco, one of the three members of the Brazilian/New York band Forro in the Dark. This band of Ex-pats transformed the style of Forro, which pleased New York fans, but would make some in Brazil flip their lids because Forro goes beyond the traditional instruments usually found in Forro music—namely, the accordion, the Zabumba (a drum) and the Triangle. And though Forro is dance music, this band, likes to mix in all sorts of international sounds. Their new CD called Sandcastle and it’s a rich mix of all sorts of styles, including even Ska music.

The band, who has been around for a dozen or more years, got their start in New York when all of them were part of the Nublu scene, which Mauro describes as a collective of artists not afraid to experiment with styles of music, which was played at a club called Nublu. Be sure to tune for a really fascinating interview in which Mauro and I talk about all sorts Brazil music.

After the interview, stick around for a whole show dedicated to Brazilian music. We’ll hear from legends such as Gal Costa, Bebel Gilberto, Jorge Ben, as well from Astrud Gilberto (who does a duet with George Michael). Plus, we’ll check out some really cool classic Afro-Portuguese tunes from the artist Bebeto, Gilson Nascimento and the band De Savoya Combo.

Also thrown into the mix will be tracks from Seu Jorge & Almaz, Gilberto Gil, Monica Da Silva (from Complicated Animals), Ceu and the bands Beruit, Los Van Van, Of Montreal and Os Mutantes. Plus, just for left turn, I’ll feature a song by the New York/Japanese band Cibo Matto, who does have some relation to Forro in the Dark—but you’ll have to tune in to find out.

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