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Brazilian Boogaloo

So I'm not sure how to say this. And I'm not sure I'm ready to share this bit of information with a worldwide audience, either. But, here it goes. I have a problem. I have this addiction to Brazilian and Latin music. I mean, not a World Music Show goes by in which I don't try to sneak a song or two (or three or four) into one of the two hours. Then, there are other times in which I throw caution into the wind and pretty much dedicate a good chunk of the show to this spectrum of music. On this week's World Music Show (3/29), I'll be imploring you to enjoy a nice long chunk of Brazilian and Latin music. 

Starting off hour one will be the lovely voice of singer Ceu. Her voice is poetry--it's smooth, like butter in motion. Which, I'm sure doesn't make any sense. But, her sense of rhythm and her lilt, in terms of her tone, are wonderful to hear. Her influences are wide-ranging, too, from Samba, to Soul, to Hip Hop. And, in particular, she cites as influences the music of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Lauryn Hill, and Erykah Badu, as well as the Brazilian Jorge Ben. We'll hear two songs off her debut, self-titled CD which came out back in 2006 (though it still sounds just a fresh today). 

Paired with Ceu will be a couple of songs from a band of Brazilian Ex-Pats, Forro in the Dark. They all met in a bar in New York and began playing together. And as luck would have it, a local New Yorker saw them play in this bar and signed them to his label, Luaka Bop. That person was David Byrne

In another set of music, we'll hear a couple of songs off a CD called Red Hot + Rio 2, in which the producers (who have done multiple "Red Hot..." CDs, including Red Hot & Riot and Red Hot & Blue) take current musicians from all over the place and have them re-record classic Brazilian tunes. We'll hear from Os Mutantes and the band of Montreal, doing the song "Bat Macumba." And we'll hear from Madlib, Joyce Moreno and Generation Match doing the song "Banana." Partnered with those songs will be two tracks from a Brazilian legend--Tom Ze

Bio RitmoFor the Latin end of things, we'll hear some frentic, fantastic guitar music from the duo Rodrigo y Gabriella and some awesome local music from the local RVA band Bio Ritmo. And, just to throw things off kilter, they'll be some French music from Arthur H, the band Java and Thomas Dutronc

Now, for the second half of the show, the theme from hour one will be thrown out the window. In looking over the set list (yeah, that's right, I say that like I'm a musician or something), we'll change gears and hear some World Lounge music from German DJs Jasmon as well as from Italian Nicola Conte. In another chunk--the second chunk if you're counting, we'll have a little Michael Franti and Spearhead trifecta of songs. Franti, who is from Oakland, Ca, mixes in world beats to much of his music. 

Then, to throw in a little newness, we'll hear some brand-spanking new music from Japanese musician Matsuki Ayumu and from the French, pychedelic band Sudden Death of Stars. Plus, we'll some German hip-hop from the artist CRO, and some French electronic music from We Are Enfant Terrible and a song by Cornershop

So, if you look at these two hours together, with Brazilian Beats and the mixed bag of tunes, then perhaps you'll forgive my weakness for the tunes I just had to play. The World Music Show aires Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. on 88.9 WCVE Richmond Public Radio or online at this website.