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A Bossa-Gypsy Explosion

With these brief hints of spring that have come across the skies of Virginia lately, it got me thinking about what kind of warn weather music I like to listen to. So on this week's World Music Show (4/16), I'll have some pretty bouncy grooves BossaNova style, along with some music from the Wine lands. Plus, for some reason I really felt like hearing some Gypsy music.

To kick off the first hour, I'll play a couple of tracks from legendary Brazilian drummer Carlinhos Brown and his band Timbalada, which has fused Afro-American and Afro-Caribbean sounds into something unique. Also from Brazil, we'll hear from the singer Luca Mundaca and from multi-instrumentalist producer Bid and the French singer Seu Jorge, who was in the movie "City of God," and "The Life Aquatic."

Plus, you'll want to hear the couple of tracks from the band BossaCucaNova, who like to take classic Bossa Nova tunes and add some electric umph to them. A kicker of this hour, will be my comparison of one Sergio Mendes song "Mas Que Nada," one that features The Black Eyed Peas.

But not all tunes in this first hour will feature Bossa Nova beats to them. I will feature a tune from Argentina and a whole chunk of Italian music that features some sounds from the 1940s with the band Quartetto Cetra, as well from the singer Renato Carosone.

In hour two, I'll explore some of those Gypsy sounds I mentioned earlier. You'll hear from the band !DelaDap, who are from the Czech Republic and Hungary. They describe their music as "Nu Roma," and their band name means "to beat." Also, I'll play some other Gypsy music from Taraf de Haidoukos. The track I'll feature has some really intense playing. Another special treat you'll want to stick around for his a duet with Ali Farka Toure and Touamani Diabate. I'll play a couple of tracks off the CD "Ali and Toumani," which was Farka Toure's last musical collaboration.

Also, you'll get to hear some very interesting Indian slide guitar from Debashish Bhattacharya. Lastly, on every few World Music Shows, I have a local spotlight. This week, I'll feature the band The Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra. Of course, they'll many more musical nuggets mixed throughout the show--I mean, I can't list everything for you, right?

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