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A Bevy of Goodness

It's time to cut to chase on this week’s World Music Show (3/18) because there’s a lot happening around town and in the studios in the next week. And because of all that, I want to make sure that you—faithful listener—are in tune with what’s going on and have a chance to attend some of these great events.

First up, because it’s first up on the show this week and because it’s the first event happening, is the 10th Anniversary of Gamalan Raga Kusuma. This organization, run in partnership with UR, is led by Andy McGraw. A lover of Balinese/Indonesian music, Andy brought one of his collaborators Kyle, into the studio a few weeks ago. They didn’t come alone either—they brought two gigantic instruments—ok, they were big in our small studio and there were the smallest ones that could fit in their car.

Alex and Kyle hung out and explained their really cool, huge instrument. And they talked about what Gamalan Raga Kusuma does and is and where they got their inspiration from. I took a couple of videos and pictures.

Their event is on Sunday, March 19, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. and it features GRK plus the band Rumput, which is an interesting off-shoot of GRK. Plus, they are joined by master musicians and dancers from the Indonesian Embassy to present an evening of Balinese and Javanese music, dance and shadow theater. You can get more information, including tickets on their website at Ragakusuma.org.

Now, if that weren’t enough, there’s another event coming up later in the week. It’s a party being put on by the Modlin Center for Arts in studio A at 88.9 WCVE headquarters (the same space that the BirthdayBash was held). It’s called the MCA Sessions, featuring the Nile Project.

The Nile Project is a very interesting organization that is filled with musicians from 11 Nile countries. They travel around the Nile river and education countries, cities and people about sustainability of the river—and they do it through music and education. Well, about 10 or so musicians from the 11 Nile countries are going to be in our studio, doing some education through music as well. What they do is inspire, inform, and connect Nile citizens to help them collaborate on cultivating the sustainability of their river. These musicians are on tour right now and they’re having a concert at Modlin, but they’ll also in our studios on the March 23.

And as a really cool interactive thing, they’ll be having a jam session in which you’re encouraged to bring your instrument and play along too. Plus, yours truly is hosting. The event is free but you need to register at modlin.richmond.edu to get space, since it’s limited. They’ll be food and beverages.

Is that all there is? Not by a long shot. In a related vein, I’ll also feature a re-issue (if that’s the right word) of an interview I did with Alex Paullin of Conservation Music. Alex’s cause is similar to the Nile Project in that he brings together musicians from various regions and countries and helps the locals educate others about sustainability and conservation through music.


He was in the studio awhile ago and he brought some of the music he recorded with local musicians. I’ll be featuring part of our interview along with that music. His group, called Philosophunk, which is a funk rock band, and his mission will be at Saint Matthias Church. They’re hosting a cultural arts program and benefit concert for Conservation Music, which is a non-profit. It’s on Saturday, March 25th from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Alex will be talking about the work his group has been doing in South Africa.

So, as you can there’s lots to take in on this week’s show. Plus, I’m even throwing in some Tibetan Buddhist Rites music the Monasteries of Bhutan as well as some other Nile music. It’s a show you won’t want to miss.

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