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Wish List - Part 2!

We're going back to our Wish List on Time for the Blues this week (11/2/13) and share more incredible blues with you that we just couldn't play from the first Wish List show! For example, we'll feature Johnny Winter classics from a remastered set of 2 albums he did in the late 70's that we just had to have! Come along and hear if our blues wish list is anything like yours!

So if you remember from our first Wish List show, John sat down last year and started researching great blues CD's for his Amazon Wish List! After I got in on it as well we highlighted the ones we knew had to be staples of our growing blues library! And while we couldn't get EVERYTHING we wanted, we did get our grubby little mitts on some really special stuff! So we're going to throw some of it at you this week!

Like the Johnny Winter 2 CD remastered set "Nothin' But the Blues/White, Hot and Blue" from Johnny's prime blues period playing in Muddy Waters' band during his reurgence in the late 70's.  If you remember back a couple of years ago when we featured Muddy's return to prominence with the 1977 release "Hard Again" for Columbia/Epic, Johnny was his primary guitarist along with Bob Margolin as well as James Cotton (harp), Pinetop Perkins' classic piano licks and Willie "Big Eyes" Smith (drums)--those guys really really tore it up on that disc and a subsequent release in 1978. Well, Muddy and the band returned the favor by being Johnny's backing band on "Nothin' But the Blues!" We'll have a few tracks to share--check the sample below!

We're also going to go back to Buddy Guy's "Living Proof" CD from 2010 for a smokin' track with guest Carlos Santana! (We're still trying to get our hands on Buddy's latest "Rhythm and Blues.") Also, another track from the legendary Magic Sam release "Black Magic" from the late 60's!

One accidental find we're going to feature a couple of tracks from is "Chicago Blues: A Living History" --John originally picked this because he thought it was a great classic compilation! Turned out it is so much more, but you'll have to join us to find out why! And we'll throw in another searing cut from Joe Bonamassa and his tribute release "Blues Deluxe" in 2004, where he plays each track from a different blues legend in his inimitable guitar-shredding style! Hmmmm...didn't I see somewhere that Joe is playing here in Richmond on Sat 11/9/13? Just maybe...if you're interested, click here.

We'll also have a couple more samples of early Sun Records blues artists from one our favorite finds "Sun Records: The Ultimate Blues Collection" with maybe one of their first recorded blues tracks by Joe Hill Louis and an early cut from James Cotton! For more fun, we had to get "Alligator Records 40th Anniversary Collection"--I already had the 20th, 25th and 30th in my own CD shelf, but this is a must as it focuses on the last ten years or so and what incredible talent--wanna hear from the late, great Albert Collins, Coco Montoya and my schoolboy-crush Janiva Magness? Well, tune in and you just might!

Add in a surprise or two and you will want to get a short nap and new slippers and stay up (not so) late with us! Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Saturdays at 11:00 p.m.

Let us know what we don't but SHOULD have on our wish list! We're always wanting to learn more!