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Who Names a Blues Band “Love Sculpture?”

Seriously--Love Sculpture? The name may be strange, but the blues are hot! Join us this week on Time for the Blues (3/18/12) as we hear tracks from this Brit blues trio fronted by the legendary Dave Edmunds! We'll also sample the amazing Ana Popovic's latest disc and hear more from the Goldwax Story!

So I've been thinking about how bands get their names--would the Beatles have been as big if they stayed as The Quarrymen? Would we have ever heard of "Quarrymenmania?" Simple wordplay made history for the Liverpool quartet. From my own experience, coming up with a cool name was the hardest thing about starting a group. I was involved with some bands with really questionable names..."Brad's Basement Band"..."Flying A" (I still don't know what that meant) and the engineering-inspired "Inertia" that eventually morphed into "The Merge." (really, THE Merge?) My apologies to my long-time guitarist-friend Keith W. who, if I remember, came up with those last few...not that my suggestions were any better!

From one of my favorite movies, "That Thing You Do" came the "Oneders"--it was supposed to be wordplay for the "Wonders" but everyone kept calling them the "OH-NEEDERS." The best line in the film is when Tom Hanks's character tells the band "from now on you're the Wonders." Then guitarist Lenny asks him "as in I Wonder what happened to the Oneders?"

OK, so Love Sculpture may not inspire visions of smoky South Side Chicago blues clubs but they do tear it up on their 1968 release "Blues Helping." Front man Dave Edmunds has enjoyed a long and storied career as a smokin' guitarist but this was one of his first recordings that kind of got lost over the years--I found it in the 80's on cassette and we just got the remastered CD so we can share some tracks with you--check out the sample below of Ray Charles' "Come Back Baby!"

Ana Popovic recently came to our attention with the release of her latest CD "Unconditional", but this Serbian-born triple threat (guitarist, singer and songwriter) has been on the scene for a few years making blistering, passionate blues with her accomplished band. You might think it was the CD cover (2nd pic above) that put this high on the blues charts, but it wasn't--this stuff you must hear! We're playing a couple of her own compositions as well as her ripped version of the classic Nat Adderly/Oscar Brown Jr. "Work Song."

As a special treat, John and I are bringing back another episode of the Goldwax Story! That little known 60's Memphis label that didn't have a studio, didn't have much distribution but did have an incredible group of singers and songwriters that made some of the sweetest R&B you never heard! This week we'll hear tracks from Wee Wille Walker, Percy Milem (Goldwax's version of the Wicked Pickett) and Timmy Thomas (who covers the Eric Burdon and the Animals hit "It's My Life")--we still can't understand how so many great songs were overlooked!

So grab a nap Saturday afternoon and put your jammies on (with the footies--none of that Forever Lazy stuff!) and stay up with us!  Your late-night blues snack is waiting for you! Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Sundays at 1:00 AM.

So many great ladies breaking through in the blues now--Ana, Janiva Magness and Eden Brent to name a few! Any others you think we should play on the show? Let us know below!