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Weekend Blues Overdrive 2: Kevin’s Revenge!

Another return guest host on Time for the Blues (7/8/12) this week! John and I learn from Kevin Wiese that blues influences in fusion and high powered guitar (re:shredding) can be a blast! So like all bad movie sequels, Kevin comes back to exact his revenge! Unlike bad movie sequels, the music will be fantastic! Don't miss it!

John and I have no shortage of somewhat dubious premises for our show--mostly involving bad movies or TV shows but on occasion we love to have a guest in to bring a different view of the blues! In this case, a few years ago Kevin Wiese joined us to present fusion influences to the blues and we called it Weekend Blues Overdrive! Kevin, who handles uplink interviews (among many other things) here at the Community Idea Stations, actually had a show here on WCVE Public Radio some years back called Weekend Overdrive that featured jazz, fusion and lightning-paced guitar. Well, the blues has no shortage of fast guitarists so we liked the idea of mixing blues with some fusion and a bit of shredding and we loved what Kevin brought to the table--so we're happy that he wants to return for his revenge! (We're still trying to figure out on what he's getting revenge, but that never stopped a movie producer trying to drum up a catchy title for a sequel!)

This time around, Kevin is bringing in a lot of really intriguing stuff and you'll get to share it with us! Guitar legend Eric Johnson does a fine tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan, Carl Verheyen (of Supertramp fame) will mystify you with a cut from his "Garage Sale" CD and Niacin really takes over with their no-guitar sounds! We'll also hear from Michael Lee Firkins, Greg Koch and a wonderful Delta-style bit of blues/fusion from Monte Montgomery!

To round out the show, John and I added some great blues guitarists to the mix like Buddy Guy, T-Bone Walker, Gary Moore and Joe Louis Walker--tearing up a Hank Snow classic from his recent "Hellfire" CD!  Add in Love Sulpture (Dave Edmunds) doing an incredible version of Freddie King's "Stumble" and Aerosmith (yes, Aerosmith--see our Unusual Suspects III playlist!) and this stacks up to be one power-packed show of diverse blues styles!

So come 'round Saturday, get your grilling done early, grap a nap and stay up late with us! Just save us a burger and a dog! Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Sundays at 1:00 AM.

Let us know if you like what you hear on the show--we'll visit this cool stuff again in the future!