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Viginia's International Blues Challenge Entries!

Make sure you stay up this week (1/18/14) to listen to Time For The Blues. This is one of those “don’t miss it” shows that’s going to feature a lot of amazing music, so call your friends and family and gather around the radio as we bring you some great music and some very bad jokes!

Earlier in 2013 I had the privilege of serving as one of the four judges at the River City Blues Society sponsored Annual Blues Challenge. While I was treated with great respect by the sponsors, the venue, and the participants, Henry is still waiting for the ice tea he ordered when he first got there.

I had seen a couple of the bands in venues around town, but was totally unfamiliar with most, including the eventual winners Herbie D and the Dangerman, as well as the brother and sister duo of Cole and Logan Layman known as In Layman Terms.  Since then, Henry and I have become friends with the two bands and have talked them up to anyone who will listen to us.

In fact, The Laymans appeared on our very first Saturday 11:00 p.m. show back on August 31st, where they performed several songs live. We keep trying to get Herbie D and company into the studio and they’ve promised they will show up sometime in 2014. We’re holding you to that, guys!

Well, both groups are off to Memphis for the International Blues Challenge representing our area; Herbie D and the Dangerman in the adult division and In Layman Terms in the youth division. We thought we would send them out in style by featuring tracks from "Memphis or Bust" (we think that's the title!--photo above) by the Laymans. It's an EP of studio-versions of three of the songs they performed for us live last year and we hope you'll love Logan's big voice and Cole's smokin' guitar! (check out the audio sample of "Don't Even Try" above!)

Just to make this party something to remember, we're also going to go back to an old bit--"Throwin' the Blues" around the studio--Henry picks some tracks, I'll pick some and you can decide who did the best (I can just bet Henry will pick something from his favorite lady, Janiva Magness).

A couple of teasers we can tell you about, a track each from the new Buddy Guy 2-CD set "Rhythm & Blues" and one from the new Tommy Castro and the Painkillers release "The Devil You Know"--(actually, being released Tuesday 1/21)! We're going to feature a lot from both of these in future shows--we feel they are two of the year's best!

Hopefully that’s enough to whet your appetite for a big heaping helping of the blues. So get your jammies on and your popcorn and hot chocolate ready! We’re going to be having some fun, and it will be a lot more fun if you join us. Time for the Blues with John Porter & Henry Cook airs Saturdays at 11:00 p.m.