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Unusual Suspects #3! Look at How We Sneak Up On the Blues!

Sure...you can say this is a bit much to do a radio show--but John and I need all the protection we can get as we try to capture elusive blues! Join us for Time for the Blues this week (4/29/12) as we present more artists not normally associated with the blues! You won't believe it!

Actually, John and I are big fans of bad Sci-Fi films, and this shot is from Invisible Invaders from 1959, a movie that really didn't bother to have ACTUAL alien invaders, so they just made them "invisible." Tune in for our take on this--bad films can be so much fun!

So what does bad Sci-Fi have to do with the blues? Well, not a whole lot, really, but I'll try to stretch a point! Like Invisible Invaders, our playlist this week features many bands and artists that are not normally "seen" doing blues--get it? OK, OK, that's pretty bad--but we mean well! We won't divulge the complete list of our suspects but I'll tease you with a couple: The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and TV's Doctor House--Hugh Laurie!

Back in 1973, The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and conductor Seiji Ozawa recorded an album of blues mixed with orchestra by teaming up with the Siegal-Schwall Band in performance of William Russo's "Three Pieces for Blues Band and Orchestra, Op. 50." We'll sample a bit of that in the show--it will amaze you! We think it really worked well and it did end up being a huge seller at the time. When this was later released on CD, they added another blues composition by Russo called "Street Music: A Blues Concerto." After you hear this, let us know what you think!

We're also featuring a track from Hugh Laurie's CD, "Let Them Talk." Hugh has a nice feel for old-school blues and we'll check out his version of Blind Blake's "Police Dog Blues." When I first heard of this CD I was a bit wary, but Hugh can play and sing as well as he acts--we really like what he's done here!

As an added bonus we'll check out a couple of tracks from new releases by Eddie C. Campbell and Curtis Salgado! Eddie's last CD, "Tear This World Up" was nominated for the 2010 Blues Music Awards Album of the Year and his new one, "Spider Eating Preacher" also carries on his classic blues style. Curtis Salgado's new CD, "Soul Shot" is an incredibly well-produced R&B/Soul disc and you will LOVE his rendition of the Otis Redding classic "Love Man"--check the audio sample below!

But the real treat on the show will be the other Unusual Suspects you'll hear doing blues--we think they got it right and we hope you'll agree! So grab that necessary nap, put on your jammies and stay up with us--you'll be glad you did! Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Sundays at 1:00 AM.

Do you have any "Unusual Suspects" we should check out? Let us know and we'll do right by you!