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Unusual Supects #4!

Join us this week (7/14/13) as Time for the Blues features another epsiode of the "Unusual Suspects"--artists not primarlily known for the blues! Hey, as we've said all along, sooner or later everyone sings the blues! Who are they this time? You'll have to listen to find out! But read on to see some new stuff we'll be featuring as well!

In the past three episodes of Unusual Suspects, John and I have delightfully played blues by Cyndi Lauper (it was really good), Rod Stewart (in his pre Maggie May days with Jeff Beck) and Aerosmith (they did a legit blues album in 2004)! Even early Chicago kicked up some great bluesy jams on their first LP and we featured them in Unusual Supects #3!

So why won't we tell you who our "Suspects" are this time? 'Cause we want you to listen! Plus, if I told you who we have you probably wouldn't believe it anyway! Here are a few hints, though--one group was big in the 90's as an alternative band! Then we have a singer who wowed 'em on the Ed Sullivan show in the 60's, and then there's a guy who's been successful for 2 decades for his unique vocal style but we found a 50's Memphis-sound CD that he really rocks out!  There's more, but if you can guess who these three are, post your guess below! You can check out the playlist after the show at our homepage for Time for the Blues!

Now for folks I can tell you about! We recently got a CD submitted by The Doc Robin Band, a Newport News favorite! Doc emailed us and asked if he could send us their latest release "Flyin' Blind" and of course, I was delighted he sent us the disc! Doc Robin is a long-time keyboard whiz who's been playing since he was four! Always ready to play with just about every blues artist on the scene, he started the Doc Robin Band in 2011 and we'll feature a couple of tracks from "Flyin' Blind" including the tasty Doc's Blues! (check the sample below!)

We also have a track featuring the incredible voice of Dayna Kurtz, from her "Secret Canon, Vol.2" on MC Records! Both volumes are a collection of uncovered blues and R&B gems from the 1940's-1960's, and we're playing a great treatment of the 60's Stax song "Same Time, Same Place."

We also have a special treat for you with a couple of tracks from the new Joe Bonamossa and Beth Hart release "Seesaw" that covers 60's R&B like the title track (which we're playing).  Beth's vocals soar and Joe's guitar work not only grabs your attention, it complements the big sound of the backing band (including cool horns)--this one is a must!

So, is that enough to tempt you to grab that nap Saturday, wash your jammies and stay up late with us? You'll be glad you did! Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Sundays at 1:00 a.m.