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Twofers with a Kicker! Our Embarrassing Old Cars--Like This One!

Check out Time for the Blues this week (8/19/12) as we pull out an old radio trick, "Twofers" and wax nostalgic over our long list of seriously embarrassing cars! See this one? Anyway, we'll play two tracks from some great new releases by Li'l Ed and the Blues Imperials, Muddy with the Stones from '81 and Richmond's own Li'l Ronnie and the Grand Dukes! Don't miss it!

Now, I don't want to give away ALL the really bad cars we've owned over the years but in my case, Buick and Chrysler (models) seemed to be the ones I just couldn't get away from! Maybe I inherited it from my folks--when I was little my mom still drove a 1950 Buick Whatever (I can't remember the model--it was big, rusty and ugly) and my only memories were guessing what roadkill we would drive over by looking through the hole in the floor of the backseat! Oh yeah, John has his vehicular disaster list as well--remember the AMC Pacer? And now you can see my family's all time embarrassing car--this Edsel was as horrible to ride in as it was to look at!

From time to time John Porter and I like to have fun with old radio ideas and we've done this before! Rock stations used to (and still might) have a "Twofer Tuesday" where you get two songs back-to-back from the same artist or album.  We'll we're gong to do that on each set this week and add a "kicker" (a poker term) that is one track from an equally excellent CD! We won't reveal the kickers but here's our "Twofers" lineup!

First off is the great new release from Li'l Ed and the Blues Imperials called "Jump Start" and you'll love his guitar assault and incredibly tight work by his band! Y'know John actually worked with Li'l Ed some time back and he'll share a story with us! Next, we'll revisit the new release from Eagle Records of a legendary night in 1981 when the Rolling Stones joined Muddy Waters on stage at the Checkbaord Lounge in Chicago and all kinds of fireworks ensued! By the way, this is a combination CD/DVD set so you can actually watch the whole performance! Check our playlist after the show for a link!

Another cool retro-release we'll feature is from Otis Rush, "Right Place, Wrong Time" from 1976. Otis had been recording since the 50's but by the early 70's he was quite possibly one of the best bluesmen of the day! His quick-fire twangy guitar completely fuels this album, which for some strange reason, sat on the shelf at Capitol Records for 5 years! What the heck were they thinking? Were they still wondering if they made a mistake by signing that unknown "Beatles" group?

To top things off, we'll feature tracks from "Gotta Strange Feeling"--the latest release by Richmond's own Li'l Ronnie and the Grand Dukes! This is a very cool set with great originals and inspired harp playing by Li'l Ronnie with a great band including guitarist Ivan Applerouth slinging some serious licks! I understand Ivan has a recent release as well--if we get our hands on it we'll feature tracks in an upcoming show!

So if all this isn't enough, there's still the mystery "kickers" we know you're going to love! So get your shopping done early (don't forget the popcorn), grab a nap and stay up late with us--we promise not to nod off during the show! Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Sundays at 1:00 AM.

Gotta history of emabrassing, dysfunctional or ugly cars in your past? Post 'em here! We'll vote on the worst (that is, if you can beat mine) and we'll announce it on a future show!