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Time for the Blues Reveals--What’s on Henry’s MP3 Player?

This week on Time for the Blues (4/17/11) John Porter and Henry Cook take a listen to Henry’s MP3 Player! Specifically, we’ll listen to blues I found on a pre-loaded song card that came as a complete surprise to us! You’ll hear tracks of all types of blues, from classic Chicago to British to Psychedelic and back again!

The deal is, you buy the card that contains 1000 songs--only you can't get a list of them. You can only play them in 7 different playlists. It's cool in that the card is very affordable ($40.). But unfortunately, you have no control over the songs--you can't access them from a computer or edit the playlists.  OK, so on the "oldies" card I bought (because there wasn't a "blues" card), it turned out that there were all forms of oldies, from rock to pop to country, and yes, even blues!  So on this week's show, all but one of the songs are on the pre-paid card. We got the CDs those songs were from, so you can hear the uncompressed versions!

We'll "thrill" you with an early Fats Domino tune (from his Imperial recordings) and then mellow you down easy with Little Walter and John Lee Hooker.  We also have two early blues tracks from Chuck Berry when he first started with Chess and was certain a blues career was best for him.  That story turned out differently but you will LOVE his blues--we wish he'd done more!  Bo Diddley shows up to warn us ("Before You Accuse Me") from an early album in '57 (and also, that he wrote everything).

Brit blues are wonderfully represented with a rare John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers track from '67 with Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac) on guitar, Eric Burdon and the Animals (before they went all Sky Pilot-y), Humble Pie (yes, we do so mean them--wait 'til you hear) and guitar legend Dave Edmunds from his Love Sculpture days.

But the best is a track from the Super Super Blues Band (pictured), a collaboration of Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters and Bo Diddley from '67 that has to be heard to be believed!  Check out the sample below--we plan to bring this back on future shows!

So why not get a nap, take a chance and stay up with us? Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Sundays at 1:00 AM.

Tell us--what's on YOUR MP3 player? Ever tried one of those pre-loaded cards? Happy with it?