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Throwin’ the Blues and The Goldwax Story on Time for the Blues!

We're throwin' the blues all over the studio this week on Time for the Blues (7/10/11) as John and I bring our best tracks to the show and see who wins! Actually, you win!  We're also premiering a recurring feature on the little known but incredibly soulful, 1960s Memphis-based record label Goldwax!

So what's all this throwin' the blues around stuff anyway?  Well, if you've heard the show over the past five years, you know that John and I are rather fond of themes, highlighting classic and new blues artists and of course, as many goofy concepts as we can think of!  We started the idea of a "friendly" competition of tossing blues CDs at each other and deciding who threw the best "stuff."  We're both big baseball fans and decided that different blues are like pitches--fastballs (hard-drivin' blues), changeups (in tempo)--well, you get it.  We had so much fun we decided to do it a few times each year and now it's your turn to discover what we have in store for you!  But you have to listen--after all, this is a competition! You can count on hearing some incredible blues from the present and the past!

For an extra special treat, we're also featuring our premiere segment of The Goldwax StoryGoldwax was a lesser known R&B and soul label from Memphis in the 1960s that never really got a chance to shine on a national level for various distribution and business reasons, but their group of performers was NOT one of those reasons!  Incredible singers and vocal groups on the Goldwax label like James Carr, the Ovations and Spencer Wiggins could have easily been as huge as Stax, Atlantic or Motown's artists--had they been heard!  We'll hear a track from each of these great vocalists on our first installment in this week's show and then bring you more of The Goldwax Story in future shows!  For now, enjoy the audio sample of the great James Carr below.

One more thing--you MUST check out this music review about Goldwax by rock historian Ed Ward on an episode of Fresh Air from January 2011--music samples abound in it--just click HERE

So, why not grab a nap, take a chance and stay up late with us!  We promise not to buzz you with a 100 mph fastball! Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Sundays at 1:00 AM.

If you know of any obscure blues or R&B labels or artists that really should have become big stars, let us know!  We'll feature them on a future show!