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Stuff from John’s Car???

Seriously, we're playing blues that's been piling up in John Porter's car?? Y'know Professor, we do have shelves in the station for our blues CDs! Well, anwyay, join us this week (12/2/12) as Time for the Blues features some new stuff and new-to-us stuff!

So it goes that John Porter notoriously piles blues CDs at his home office (nee: dining room table),  and of course, also samples music in the car (where's the seat, John?--the driver's wheel?) and sometimes brings in plastic bins full of stuff for us to go over for the show from his extensive personal collection, including his recent additions from the budget bins at $5 a pop. Some of the discs aren't so hot, but sometimes there's a gem or two and that's part of what we'll share with you this week!

We're starting out strong with a couple of tracks from guitarist Terry Frank from his 2010 release "Blues in the Night" as well as a real smoker from the LAST release ("Show of Strength") from Michael "Iron Man" Burks, who sadly passed away recently. We've featured "Iron Man" before and will do so again as he was really breaking through on the Alligator label in recent years and we send our condolences to his family, friends and to all at Alligator Records.

Another real treat comes from The Rain Crows, the Ohio-based group that has a unique sound you'll love on "Dirt Road." Click the link I setup in their name and you can check out their site at reverbnation! John claims to know Julie Zickafoose, their fantastic vocalist--Julie, is that true or is the Professor name-dropping again?

There's also be a neat swing R&B tune from Johnny and the East Coast Rockers, a classic Sonny Bboy Willimson song done up right by Jonny Lang (we need to get more stuff from this guy!) and an interesting take of "Walking the Dog" from Boogiemen!

We featured a track from another bargain find by Sonny Boy Terry awhile back and we're going back for a couple more samples! "Breakfast Dance" may be a dubious name for a blues CD, but the traditional Houston sound and Sonny Boy's harp playing really impressed us!

Throw in a new track from Linsey Alexander and a new blues'd-up version of a Beatles classic from Quintus McCormick as well as our usual nonsense and you have many reasons to get that nap Saturday, stay up late (in your jammies with the footies) and enjoy some blues with us! Maybe, just maybe John will clean up his car and make Mrs. Professor happy! Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Sundays at 1:00 AM.

Have you ever found lost CDs under the seats in the car? Let us know! Especially if they had anything to do with the Archies or the Partridge Family! We love embarressing finds! My Paper Lace LP is where NO ONE WILL EVER FIND IT!

LATE UPDATE!!! - check out this story by Ed Ward on a new box set about electric blues from today's(11/29/12) Fresh Air --"Turning Up The Volume On The Electric Blues."