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Soundtracks! More Muddy Waters' London Sessions!

Join us this week on Time for the Blues (10/7/12) as John and I sample great blues from movie soundtracks! The film Cadillac Records depicts the story of Chess Records and we'll have some killer tracks from it! We'll also hear more from Muddy's London sessions from 1972!

It only took us about six years to realize that great blues have been used in movies--well, since there's been blues and movies! Remember Cab Calloway's great turn in The Big Broadcast? Quite a bit before my time, but thanks to movie channels I've been able to enjoy some great stuff over the years! So, John and I decided it was time to check out blues from some good (and some not-so-good) films!

Cadillac Records is a great example--an ambitious idea to tell the story of Leonard Chess and his recording company in Chicago from the late 40's to the 60's that had the likes of Muddy Waters, Etta James, Howlin' Wolf, Willie Dixon and Chuck Berry (to name a few) on their roster! The film didn't earn well but the reviews were mostly good--but what's most intriguing is the music! The soundtrack features the actors that portrayed these blues greats singing as their characters! You'll hear Jeffrey Wright (as Muddy), Beyonce (as Etta) and Eamon Walker (as Howlin') and the guys do a pretty good job and the backing bands are terrific! But I think Beyonce's verison of "Trust Me" absolutely proves this lady NEEDS to record a classic blues album--YESTERDAY! Check out the sample below!

We'll also check out tracks from the 1986 film Crossroads that was a modern day story based on the Robert Johnson classic as well as the legend behind it! Ry Cooder (one of our favorites) produced the music and it captures the feel of the juke joints that early blues performers played night-in and night-out to perfect their sound! You'll love Joe Seneca's turn on "Willie Brown Blues!"

Now, we're only checking out one track from the soundtrack to 1996's Heaven's Prisoners and that's because that's all I have--The Hoax's "Twenty Ton Weight!" I haven't seen this film but John tells me...well...if you can't say something I'll leave it at that. What I can tell you is the soundtrack is on my must-get list! Check our playlist for it after the show! To top things off, we're featuring tunes from the 1991 film The Commitments -- you know, the one about the R&B Group from Dublin that really took off with faithful renditions of 60's Atlantic tunes--we'll keep you guessing about what we'll play!

But wait..there's more! As in MORE from the London Muddy Waters Sessions! With Cary Bell on harp, Rory Gallegher, Steve Winwood, Georgie Fame and Mitch Mitchell as his British bandmates, Muddy turns in spirited performances on a couple of Willie Dixon classics!

So again, we humbly implore you to grab that nap Saturday and stay up late with us! We promise you an hour of blues you can use! Time for the Blues with John Porter & Henry Cook airs Sundays at 1:00 AM.