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“Reconsider” Lowell Fulson!

This week on Time for the Blues (7/31/11), John and Henry “reconsider” the great songwriting talents of Lowell Fulson. He wrote the Elvis Presley classic Reconsider Baby. We'll hear some of Lowell's own recordings as well as blues greats who covered his songs!

We're getting all revved up for the 5th Anniversary of Time for the Blues on August 6, but in the mean time, we wanted to revisit this show and hear all the great music Lowell Fulson wrote and played. A fine guitarist and vocalist as well, he started out playing Western Swing in Oklahoma but soon moved to California and formed a band that included a young Ray Charles and Stanley Turrentine. His early recordings on Swing Time and Chess were outstanding and you'll hear a few of them like I've Been Mistreated -- check out the sample below!

It turned out that Lowell Fulson's biggest success was in his songwriting. We'll hear tracks Lowell wrote done by Ray Charles (Sinner's Prayer), Otis Redding (Tramp), the actual Elvis 1960 recording of Reconsider Baby and B.B. King kicking off his career with his version of Lowell's Three O'clock Blues. All in all, you'll hear 10 great Lowell Fulson compositions this week.

As a special treat, John and I will also visit our Crossover Corner where some screamin' blues from the J. Geils Band will round out the show. You will absolutley love their LIVE version of John Lee Hooker's Serves You Right to Suffer!

Don't forget--make a note to join us on August 6th as well for the Time for the Blues 5th Anniversary! (No presents are necessary.)

So, we humbly implore you--take a chance, grab a nap and stay up with us! We promise to stay awake for the whole show! Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Sundays at 1:00 AM.

Who are your favorite songwriters? Let us know and we'll play tunes by'em!