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Peter Green, Mike Bloomfield and MORE! John Answers Questions! Henry Questions Answers!

Join us this week for Time for the Blues (4/1/12) as we're featuring Peter Green, the originator of Fleetwood Mac! We'll also sample some of the later career of legendary guitarist Mike Bloomfield as well as some new stuff! For a treat, we'll dip into our mailbag here--your questions are way better than our answers!

Here at Time For The Blues World Headquarters (TFTBWHQ) we love to get mail. Inside our mailbox are usually a couple of great new CDs, correspondence from artists, catalogs, request for appearances, and fan mail. Okay, most stuff doesn’t show up that often, but we do get quite a few requests for paying bills.

At TFTBWHQ – we actually got that name from an eye chart – we do monitor the mail and try to answer the questions that roll in when we do the show, but sometimes we run out of time. So I thought that Henry and I might be able to multi-task and give you one of our scintillating blogs while answering some questions. Feel free to send us more using the comment button below or at

FAQs – "How did you guys start teaming up?", asks Myron C. of Brooklyn. We first starting teaming up more than 10 years ago when we were both part-timers working the weekend shift. Henry forgot his lunch and caged a tuna fish sandwich to make it through eight hours on-air. We got to talking, discovered a mutual love of bad movies and the blues and a mere five years later, they let us put the show on the air.

"Hey Professor, why doesn’t Henry have a consistent nickname?", writes Siobhan G. from Jordan’s Branch. That’s easy, Henry is a man of many interests and those interests often lead us down different paths. He can’t be confined to a single nickname. Feel free to suggest new ones (but with a little decorum, please!).

And lastly, Soren K. asks "What’s going to be on this week?" Stick around, because we’ve got lots of great music this week as we take a very small look at the various incarnations of Peter Green, the man who founded Fleetwood Mac. For their first years in the late sixties, they were as formidable a Brit blues power as anyone--check out the audio sample below! The Stevie Nicks stuff didn't come until the 70's so this was a band with two distinct sounds over their incarnation! Green's more recent old-school sounds are amazing and you'll hear a bit of them!

We’re also revisiting a guitarist who was among the very elite, but who left us too soon, Mike Bloomfield. We’ve documented his work with Paul Butterfield Blues Band and with Al Kooper, now we’re going to look at some solo projects.

The ladies are in the house with a selection from Karen Carroll and a recent side from Candye Kane featuring Laura Chavez. You don’t want to miss that.

Then a couple of new artists make their way onto Time For The Blues: Electrofied and Whiteboy James and the Blues Express. We love to play new artists and think you will enjoy these groups.

And the icing on the cake is a sample from the amazing Janiva Magness. We'll be featuring her latest release in a future show!

So, what are you waiting for? Take a nap if you have to, set your alarm if you have to, but do what you have to in order to be with us!  Stay up late and you’ll feel great, plenty of great music and a few bad jokes, but it won’t mean a thing if you’re not there. Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Sundays at 1:00 AM right here on WCVE Public Radio.

And keep those cards and letters coming (or comment below)!