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Parkfest Memories!

Hope you’ll make plans to join us on the late shift for Time for the Blues this Saturday night (8/30/14) as Henry Cook and I are planning to have a great time with some very tasty blues. It’s the kind of show that you’ll want to wake up the neighbors and tell them to tune in (at 11:00 p.m)!

As great as it is to listen to good blues on CDs, nothing beats hearing the music live. That’s one of the reasons we always encourage our listeners to find blues shows and go! Not only can you see the performers, but you’ll make new friends and actually become a part of the show. Earlier this year, our good friends at the River City Blues Society of Virginia hosted their Second Annual Parkfest at Pocahontas State Park and they invited me to come out and emcee the event.

They actually invited both of us, but Henry’s invitation got lost on my desk…

It was an all-day affair under amazingly clear skies and featured a killer line-up. It was my job to hang out with the artists and talk during the little bit of time in between the acts to let people know what was going on, remind them to visit the vendors at the top of the hill, and of course be sure to tune in to Time For The Blues!

It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it.

While taking five and talking things over with one of the members of the Blues Society, he mentioned we should do a show out of the artists playing. What a great idea, so this weekend that’s exactly what we’re going to do. So set the Wayback Machine to May 2014, and let’s listen to some of the artists that rocked the park!

Big Joe Maher joins us with a couple of tunes – he was part of the EllerSoul Rhythm & Blues Review and a heck of a performer. Then we’ve got a trio from Kansas who go by Moreland & Arbuckle and they put one of the best long jams I’ve ever seen. They will be chiming in with a song co-written and featuring Steve “The Colonel” Cropper.

Speaking of EllerSoul, we’ve got Li’l Ronnie and The Grand Dukes with a side from one of their early records.

A couple of friends from the Tidewater area were at the show and we’re glad to have ‘em back on the show, In Layman Terms (also known as Cole and Logan Layman--check the sample above), and Herbie D and the Dangermen. Be sure to listen in to Herbie D as they take a well-known song and perform it in a blues fashion. See what you think and be sure to let us know.

Finally--the closer, Albert Cummings rocks out for a couple of tunes, and if you don’t know his work (and I readily admit I did not before the show) you’ll want to know a lot more about this performer going forward.

But even all of that isn't quite enough! How about a couple more tracks from new Elvin Bishop and Daddy Mack releases. Both of these guys are a lot of fun, and we’ve played a few tracks recently, so I’m sure you’re going to want even more. (Check out the review on Elvin's latest from Fresh Air this week by clicking here.)

And just become we’ve been on a real kick lately, how about a few more selections from the one and only Hardest Working Man In Show Business, Mr. James Brown!

So pack a late snack, kick your feet up, and turn the volume up – you don’t want to miss this great time! And start making plans for next year’s Parkfest. Contracts have been signed for May 2015 and we’ll let you know as soon as we know who’s coming. Maybe this year I won’t lose Henry’s invitation! Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Saturdays at 11:00 p.m.