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Navigating Rare Waters! New Lisa Mann!

Join us this week on Time for the Blues (7/15/12) as we practice our boating skills through the winding river of blues and discover some rare treats from Muddy Waters and other blues legends! We'll also feature tracks from the new release by our fave bass player/singer/songwriter from the Northwest, Lisa Mann!

It was bound to happen eventually. Mrs. Professor decided she wanted her dining room back and I was given the ultimatum of boxing up the hundreds of CDs, cassettes, vinyl records and 8-tracks that were spilled all over the table and sideboard. She just doesn't understand part of my creative process involves not being able to find the sides I'm looking for until finally giving up in frustration and going to the record store where I will inevitably buy at least one CD that I already own.

Yeah, it's not easy coming up with these shows.

So while I was sitting at the (former) dining room table I began sifting through the first stack and had put at least three CDs into the nifty new rack that I got for Father's Day 1992. Then I found a CD that I didn't remember having before, a Muddy Waters collection titled ONE MORE MILE. These were Chess sides that had not been released in the United States for whatever reason. Some were warm ups, some were alternate takes, some were just plain substandard; but all were interesting. So, we're going to take a peek inside Waters' lesser known work.

Staying with that theme of rare works, I stumbled on a few sides by other artists that were not part of regular recording sessions. Lightnin' Hopkins had a number of sides recorded in dance halls and juke joints and Slim Harpo takes it one step further - he recorded in tiny clubs and even the occasional frat house. If that wasn't enough, how about listening in on a recording session that
took place in a Hyde Park apartment that featured James Cotton, Paul Butterfield, and Billy Boy Arnold trading off harp licks while Elvin Bishop lays down some rhythm guitar.

We've got that.

Plus a nice new side from Hans Theesink, and if you've never heard of him, listen to the way he reinterprets a rock classic. You may never hear it quite the same way again. Then our friend Lisa Mann, a wonderful west coast bassist sends us her most recent release, SATISFIED--check out the sample below!

Lots of great music and some very bad jokes, and I'm happy to report that after a weekend of working on the dining room, at least seven CDs have made it onto that Father's Day rack. Better take it easy, don't want to work too hard! Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Sundays 1:00 AM.

Let us know what you think of the rarities! If you want to hear more in the future, I'll send Henry up the river without his paddle to look for 'em!