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More Blues from the Mail Room! More Goldwax too!

This week on Time for the Blues (9/11/11), John and Henry share some new delights with you from the mail room that will make you want to "Do the Freddie!" (again, you have to listen if you want to know more!)

It’s been a good week here at Time For The Blues World Headquarters. The mail room has been buzzing, and not because we’ve gotten more bills, subpoenas, and cease-and-desist orders--we’ve actually been getting some amazing music. You want to make John happy? Drop some new Marcia Ball on him, and that’s exactly what Alligator Records did when they sent us a copy of her new CD, "Roadside Attractions."

While Marcia may be the Mistress of the Saloon Keyboard, we also have a couple of new artists that can boogie woogie with the best of them. Be sure to check out Victor Wainwright and The Wildroots as we sample a couple of tunes from their second album, "Lit Up." Then, just for grins, we’ve got Mr. B (also known as Mark Braun) and his trio as they power their way through "Thunder and Lightning Boogie." If you’re a fan of tight, trio-based blues, you’re really going to like these guys.

The Homemade Jamz Blues Band is not a group we got in the mail; I went looking for these guys after catching them on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The Today show also featured them--check it out here. This is a family group who built their instruments out of scrounged auto parts. It’s gimmicky, but these kids can really rock. No matter what instruments they play, we think you’re going to enjoy their energy and unique approach to the music. And we finally found a good use for Henry’s old clunker of a car…

Demetria Taylor certainly has the blues gene in her lineage. Daughter of Eddie Taylor, Sr. and sister of Eddie Taylor, Jr. she has been making a name for herself on other people’s albums and now she tears it up on one of her own. Taylor re-works one of her Dad’s best known songs and makes it her own. Listen for "Bad Girl" in the second half of the show. It’s a killer.

While we’re discussing blues greats, how about a little bit of Elvin Bishop and friends as they take a cruise and raise a little hell on the high seas. Elvis plays guitar and Finis Tasby provides the vocals on a good version of "Whole Lotta Lovin'." By the way, Henry and I would like to add our talents to one of these Blues Cruises. We work cheap and don’t take up much room. Any takers?

We'll also feature a track from Richmond blues artist, Markiss Blowfish, who sends along his latest CD, "Hard Times", for us to enjoy. Then there is the Christopher Dean Band who turns in a good performance of the Junior Parker song, "Mother In Law Blues."

And what would a session be without a look back at the legacy of the Goldwax label? We’ve been examining the history of this little record company that was long on talent and short of cash. With a little bit better representation, they might have made it to the big time – instead, they’ve left us with some great sides and a handful of lost dreams.

Who needs sleep? Stay up late and enjoy some great music and more bad jokes than you can shake a stick at. Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Sundays at 1 AM.

OK, anyone have a more annoying and ridiculous dance craze than the Freddie? Let us know!