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John’s Throwin’ the Blues!

Join us this week on Time for the Blues (2/26/12) as I'm throwing CDs around the studio and Henry plays the ones that don't hit him! I warned him to bring his catcher's gear into the studio! I have a feeling he'll be chucking a few back to match me! Who wins in this contest? You do! Look--I studied this instructional picture on how to throw them!

There actually is a method to the madness. I know that’s hard to believe if you’ve ever listened to one of our free-form stream of conscious shows (aren’t they all that way – funny, you can go now) that we call "Throwin' Shows". The premise is simple, I bring a bunch of CDs in and Henry brings a bunch of CDs in and we mix ‘em together to create a show.

We could have called it a “Collage Show” or something like that, but it just seemed a little too arty for us. Since we both love baseball so much, well Henry likes baseball – I like the Chicago Cubs (believe me--there’s a difference), we ended up using the sports metaphors associated with the Nation’s Pastime to create the show. Simple. One of us “throws” a song at the other and the one who didn’t know what was coming has to scramble to come up with an answer out of his pile of sides.

The thing is, there’s no scoring system, no way to declare a winner, it’s sport for fun’s sake and both of us end up expanding our blues boundaries since we’re listening to artists we might not normally throw in the CD player.

We’re going to kick things off with Robben Ford, an amazing guitarist who flirts with jazzy compositions mixed in a gritty blues style. After Ford kicks us off in high style, check out Sonny Boy Terry. I found this cat in a cut out bin at one of the local record stores and decided it wasn’t much of a risk to pony up a dollar for the CD. That may have been the best dollar I’ve spent in a while, this guy rocks hard! If you are ever fortunate enough to have record stores, go frequently and check the cut out bins, you’ll find real treasures tucked away and you’ll be doing your part to keep an American institution alive. Long live the Record Store!

Then we’ve got one from Ursula George and Marty Richards from their recent release, "I’m Driving". This is one that came to us via the mail room and it is filled with some cool old-school sides. Definitely worth checking out. If that wasn’t enough, tune in for "Chicken Scratch Boogie" by Forrest McDonald and Kaylon McDonald. We’re fortunate that they live in the Richmond area, so if you get a chance to catch ‘em live be sure to do it.

Discovering artists who have been off our radar is one of the fun parts of this job. I stumbled onto a West Coast harmonica player named Paul deLay. This 400-pound gentle giant blows one of the meanest harps I’ve ever heard. If you aren’t familiar with his work, and honestly I wasn’t either, listen to this guy and tell me if you don’t think he belongs in the upper echelon of harp players. Unfortunately he left us all too soon, but his CDs are still here and they rock like you won’t believe.

Rounding out our hard driving blues portion of the show, which is actually the entire show, we’ve got a side from Texas-based Mike Morgan and the Crawl, as well as a side from Ana Popovic – if I can pry the CD out of Henry’s hands long enough to play one, and a couple from the immortal Robert Nighthawk.

So that’s us throwing sides at each other and listening to some great blues. We would like to invite you to throw titles at us. What would you like to hear? Send us an artist, a title, or both that you would like to hear us play for you. You know the address, drop us a line. We’ll see you next time, so stay up late and you’ll feel great. Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Sundays at 1:00 AM.