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John Primer and Bob Corritore!

Our friend Bob Corritore is at it again! This superb harp player, radio host and all-around purveyor of the blues has teamed up with another of our favorites, guitarist John Primer for a rollickin' new CD "Knockin' Around These Blues" and you can hear tracks from it on Time for the Blues this week (4/28/13)!

Bob Corritore is an incredibly busy guy, but this latest release is the third in the past year that he's been involved with! Back in Spring 2012 we featured Bob with Tail Dragger on the CD, "Longtime Friends in the Blues" and then in November we sampled a compilation of Bob's career blowin' harp for some of the best artists in the blues called "Harmonica Blues!" Now, this new CD, "Knockin Around These Blues" features Bob's classic harp style with John Primer's Chicago-refined guitar licks that presents a straight-on sound as in their rendition of Willie Dixon's "Just Like I Treat You"--check the sample below!

Another one of our favorite groups that we haven’t played as much as we would like is the The Mighty Mojo Prophets, so to correct that mistake we’re going to serve up a double helping from their new CD, "Flyin’ Home From Memphis" out on Delta Groove. This is a little bit of a different sound for TMMP and we think you’re going to like it – a lot!

Ever since we discovered Brad Vickers And His Vestapolitans a ways back, we have eagerly waited for each one of his new releases. So we were delighted when "Great Day In The Morning" arrived on my desk. (If it had landed on John’s desk, we might find it around Halloween!) This is a real departure from his blues sound, it’s much more of an Americana-Roots style, but very cool as only Vickers and Company can be. We’ve found the bluesiest of numbers and we’re bringing it to you for your listening pleasure.

Then we get a little crazy for a set or so. And that’s just the way we like it. We’ve got Alligator Recording Artist Jesse Dee who sounds like a cross between Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett. Both John and I think that’s a pretty good sound to have and we think you’re going to really enjoy this guy.

Hey, did we mention that Alligator has this great deal going where you can download some of their music FOR FREE? Check it out, you can’t go wrong with either Alligator or FREE MUSIC--click here to go to our blog with the links and info. Don't delay--the free sampler is only availble until May 11, 2013!

Then, in a nod to our good friend Ian Stewart and his great World Music Show, we’ve got a Dutch performer who lives in Vienna, Austria and sings like an angel from the Mississippi Delta. Hans Theesink is back with a selection from his new album. John is busy assembling songs from Theesink’s body of work and we’ll have a lot more from this guy in the future. If you haven’t heard of him, be sure to listen in, you won’t be disappointed.

If one European Blues Artist is fun, let’s make it a party and add another. Ian, be sure to listen up as we introduce you to Linda Valori, an Italian singer who really rocks it out on her new release, "Days Like This." She’s new to both of us, but with this voice, you can bet we will be playing more in the future.

And then, just because we can, we’ve got another number from Rick Estrin and the Nightcats that is from the aforementioned Alligator "Blues & Roots" FREE sampler. You can’t go wrong with this fun time band with the rocking sound.

So by now you know the drill. Take a nap in the afternoon so you can stay up late to catch some really great music and more than a little foolishness. You know the music is good and the jokes are bad, but our hearts are in the right place. All we need is you and a bunch of your friends to make this party happen. Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Sundays at 1:00 a.m.