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John and Henry Jump the Shark!

As if you couldn't tell this was coming! Join us this week (3/31/13) as Time for the Blues does what it basically does EVERY week, stretch another silly premise (aka Jumping the Shark) but also playing really cool blues! We'll hear more Gary Clark Jr., new Lisa Cee and classic James Carr (from our Goldwax Story segments)!

OK, John and I have been doing Time for the Blues for near 7 years now..and in TV show terms, that's proabaly past the point where a TV series pulls out some sort of stunt to keep the ratings going (as is forever connected with Happy Days' episode where Fonzie jumps a shark with his leather jacket on)! Some folks might say we jumped the shark after the FIRST SHOW, but what the heck, we wanted to get it out of the way! So we'll ruminate on Classic TV shows and when they "jumped" for your listening pleasure!

By the way, we couldn't get the rights to the ACTUAL pic of Fonzie jumping the shark so John and I tried to "draw" one (to put it nicely) but our gracious webmaster knocked this pic out of the park! If you want to look at John's version (HA!), check his blog later today at Professor Johnny P's Juke Joint!

But the real star this week (as has always been on this program) is the MUSIC! We've been getting in some really great stuff lately and we're working hard to bring it to you! This week we have three great features and a sample of something we found very reverent to the legend of Robert Johnson!

First, a few more tracks from Gary Clark Jr.'s incredible CD, "Blak and Blu." The last time we featured him, we heard crunchy blues, a wonderful R&B track and a even a little funk-influenced blues that all had his virtuoso guitar work on them. This guy can do any style he wants to and do it well! This time we'll hear great slide-delta sounds, a little bit of Memphis-Stax and even a Chuck Berry-style tune! You won't want to miss them!

Next, a new CD from a woman who can really belt out the blues, Lisa Cee. "My Turn" (on Rip Cat records) is her first full solo release (as far as I can "Cee") but she's a seasoned vocalist who will knock you out with her strength and passion. Check out the sample of "Right Man" below!

Then we'll hear from arguably the best voice (and probably most-known) from the Goldwax label, the late, great James Carr. You've heard him a couple of times on our recurring segments on "The Goldwax Story" in past shows. He was one of only a couple of their artists that actually had an album released, "You Got My Mind Messed Up" and we'll hear that title track and a few more from a remastered set from Kent, "The Complete Goldwax Singles (James Carr)." You will love his Otis Redding-style, yet he was quite unique in his own way--just wished he'd done more!

Last, but not least, we'll hear a couple of tracks from The Mike Eldred Trio! Their re-release of "61/49" (also on Rip Cat--thanks guys!) is earthy, delta, and can also kick it Memphis-style! The title refers to the crossroads of those US Highways in Clarksdale, MS where legend has it Robert Johnson...well you know.

Whew! that 'nuff for you? Well then, grap that nap early Saturday, wash your jammies and stay up late with us! You won't regret least until Sunday morning! Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Sundays at 1:00 a.m.

What your favorite TV show "Jump the Shark" story--share it with us and we'll use it on a future show!