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Joe Louis Walker, JT Coldfire and the Goldwax Story, Ep. 12

John and I are unwrapping some new stuff this week on TIme for the Blues (6/10/12)! Ooohhh..a paper cut from the CD cover! Join us for two distinctively different yet uncompromising modern bluesmen, Joe Louis Walker and JT Coldfire! More from The Goldwax Story too!

New blues are coming in fast and furious lately! John grabbed some, I grabbed others and we're amazed at just how much blues is being released--really good stuff invovling all kinds of blues styles! Our first feature is on veteran gutiarist/singer Joe Louis Walker. Born in San Francisco in 1949, he started playing at 14 then found his way to the psychedelic scene and learned licks from the legendary Michael Bloomfied as well as Jim Hendrix and the Grateful Dead! He turned to gospel music in the 70's and still explores those roots even today! His recording career started in 1986 with a string of releases for many blues labels continuing through the 90's and the 2000's--it's a mystery to me that we really didn't have much from him! We really noticed his killer axe work on Tommy Castro's Legendary Rhythm and Blues Revue Live CD--we were smoked by that track we played on an earlier show, "It's a Shame" and it marked some of his first work with Alligator Records.

Joe Louis Walker's new release "Hellfire" is his Alligator debut and it is a new step for for his career.  He co-wrote most of the songs and has a great backing band that includes veteran producer/drummer Tom Hambridge. Check out the sample of "I Won't Do That" below!

Our second feature is a Texas bluesman who is new to us--JT Coldfire. His second release (that we can tell, anyway) is a strong independent CD called "Always & Never" and it will heat up your radio, trust us! We featured a track from this on last week's show and we're going back for more this time. While his Texas-style guitar may put you in mind of Stevie Ray Vaughan, it's not a fair comparison. First of all, you can't compare SRV with ANYONE, and secondly, it's not fair to JT--he has his own crunchy style that we think you'll love! A big label should sign him soon!

As an added treat, we're presenting more sides in Episode 12 of The Goldwax Story--that little-known Memphis R&B label from the 60's that had as much talent as Stax or Atlantic or even Motown of the day! This week we'll check out tracks from Spencer Wiggins (the Otis Redding of Goldwax), trumpet player/producer Gene "Bowlegs" Miller (the Gene "Bowlegs" Miller of Goldwax) and Oboe with the Keys (as I found out from WIki, the O. B. McClinton of Goldwax)! We love this stuff and we hope to get some more from their 1964--1970 catalog!

So again, our faithful blues friends, we implore you to get the chores done early Saturday, grab a nap and stay up late with us! We'll share some bad old TV shows with you that we think should eventually end up on MeTV or MyTV! Aren't you curious now? Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Sundays at 1:00 AM.

Let us know about new stuff you want to hear on the show! Let us know about old stuff! Let us know about middle-aged stuff! Scratch that, we're not playing blues from the middle ages!!!