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Jarekus Singleton and Solomon King! Hot off the (CD) Presses!

Make sure you join us this week for Time for the Blues as Henry Cook and I are going to be bringing you lots of great new sides, some very bad jokes, and Mr. Cook promises to deliver another surprise…

When Henry and I started up this little show almost eight years ago we actually planned out a month’s worth of shows and from that time on as we’ve discovered new artists and labels, we’ve taken great pleasure in bringing them to you.

Yeah, Henry still loves tripping down memory lane and he’s promised me I can pick a couple of killer tracks for our Retro Rewind section. It could be anything, so make sure you listen in and let us know what you want us to bring back for a future show.

But before we get to the surprise portion of our program, we want to unveil a new artist, the Clinton, Mississippi-based blues guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Jarekus Singleton and his Alligator Records CD Refuse To Lose, which debuted at #7 on the Billboard Blues Chart. The full album was released on May 6 and we highly recommend it. (Check out the audio sample above!)

At just 29 years old, Singleton is developing a cutting-edge sound combining rap, rock and blues traditions. His lyrics meld hip-hop wordplay and his music fuses rock energy and R&B grooves with contemporary and traditional blues. Once you hear him you will become a devoted fan. With his untamed guitar licks and strong, soulful voice effortlessly moving from ferocious and funky to slow and steamy to smoking hot, Singleton is a fresh, electrifying bluesman bursting at the seams with talent. Refuse To Lose features a scintillating guitar attack and lyrically startling original songs, all sung with a natural storyteller's voice. Make sure you listen in and discover what Henry and I feel will be a major talent!

Our next discovery is a guy who has actually been around for a while. I first heard his music on HBO’s “True Detective.” Yes, I love that creepy stuff, and a big part of it was the music. West-coast bluesman Solomon King had two songs in the show and – surprise – one of our publicist friends sent us a copy of his newest CD, Train. This new CD features nine songs that straddle love and lust with getting on with your life. King wrote all the songs, did all the vocals and provided most of the guitar work. And just because I liked his earlier work, we’re going to toss in one from the show for fun.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’re going to revisit the most recent Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown and one from a new release by our friends Li’l Ronnie & the BlueBeats featuring Claudia Carawan.

So make sure you rest up otherwise you’ll have to fess up that you missed a great show. You know the address for the party, 88.9 FM, Richmond Public Radio.

Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Saturdays at 11:00 p.m.