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James Brown and Tedeschi Trucks Band!

I hope you will join us this week (8/16/14) on Time For The Blues as Henry and I have a great show lined up. Summer may be slipping away, but there’s still plenty of heat waiting for you this Saturday night at 11:00! Seriously, how can you miss hearing the blues done by this legend with more nicknames than Henry?

Way back when Henry and I started this little rocket ship of Blues we only had a handful of CDs and a miniscule budget for more, so we used to have conversations about the artists we would love to play. I tossed out that I would love to get a hold of some James Brown blues sides and we wrote it down on a list, and promptly left it on my desk where it was buried beneath some old paperwork, a couple of unused coffee filters, an issue of a British Blues Magazine, a change of clothes for the gym, and a receipt for my Professor Longhair print.

Well, about a month ago, while I was taking some time off, someone – Henry - came into my office and boxed up a bunch of those papers. I can’t really blame the guy; he needs to have things neat and in order. I’m more of a catch-as-catch-can kind of a guy. I also can’t blame him, because he found that long lost piece of paper and we had played everybody on the list.

Except James Brown.

So Henry went looking for some blues from the Godfather Of Soul, and he found an amazing compilation from Polydor titled "Messing With The Blues" and we are going to unleash it for you this week.

(If Henry claims it was his idea, just nod your head. You know the real story…)

While we could listen to James Brown the entire show, we have to cut if off because the dancing in the studio would get out of control. So we’ve brought in some more music from The Tedeschi Trucks Band. I know you don’t need reminding, but if you’re new to the scene that’s Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks – one of the hardest playing blues rock bands around.

But wait, there’s more. The Blues world lost one of our most beloved members in July, and also one of our personal favorites; Johnny Winter. This guitar slinger from Texas played amazing guitar that electrified audiences since the 1960’s and also was the one man who was not willing to write off Muddy Waters after the Chess Label folded. Winter went on to play with Muddy and to produce three of Muddy’s best albums, effectively reviving Muddy’s career.

If that wasn’t enough, Johnny and his brother Edgar once sued the creators of the comic book Jonah Hex and DC Comics for a satirical portrayal of the two brothers. Team Winter lost the case and that opened up the way for celebrity parody in all sorts of mediums.

Radio included. Which is why we can get away with some of the things we do.

We're not saying goodbye to Johnny, but we will celebrate his music.

But there’s still more. Just for you we’re going to slip in a little Forrest McDonald, Rick Estrin and the Nightcats, and even a sneak peak at Elvin Bishop’s latest.

This is where all the cool kids will be hanging out this Saturday night at 11:00! Make sure you’re along for the ride, and bring your dancing shoes! You’re definitely going to need‘em.