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Hot Leftovers 2011! Come and get some!

Make a big fat sandwich like the one Henry made that he dubbed "Henry's Temptation" and kick back for some killer tunes on this week's Time for the Blues! (11/27/11) There's enough to go around for everyone!

The idea was all Henry’s. Back when we started in 2006, we looked for a way to put together a special show without resorting to just doing the same old thing for Thanksgiving. For Christmas we had lots of great blues tunes, and even Halloween had enough songs about black cats, ghosts, and bad mojo to make up a decent show, but try as we might, we just couldn’t find any Muddy Waters' sides about Pilgrims, Native Americans, football or eating turkey until you burst. We went through BOTH Willie Dixon’s library and Bo Diddley’s and couldn’t find a thing.

We were stumped.

Then the light bulb slowly blinked on through the turkey and gravy haze that surrounded the paper plates piled high with the Thanksgiving feast.  “Why don’t we do a LEFTOVERS show,” said Henry after swallowing a giant portion of ham. “We always program more music than we can fit in to an hour show, so let’s play those sides and it’ll sound great.”

I couldn’t come up with an easier way to program the show, so I agreed and a new tradition was born. Now, some five years later, we’re still at it every Thanksgiving weekend with a lineup of great music that for whatever reason didn’t get played the first time around.

So, settle back in your tryptophan haze or unwind after doing your early holiday shopping and enjoy your late night dose of the blues. We’ve got classics like Magic Sam, Freddie King, and Solomon Burke anchoring the show. If that wasn’t enough, we have a gathering of beautiful and talented women scattered throughout the show, including Janiva Magness, Eden Brent, and Hope Waits. You won’t want to miss these delightful players.

We’re also going to revisit a couple of great CDs: The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue Live! and Jimmy Dawkins Presents The Leric Story, which received a Professor’s Top Pick of the Year Award. Jimmy Dawkins, aside from being a great guitarist, put his own money into the small Leric label and released some amazing and very rare sides. Delmark collected them onto this CD and this is a “must have” for your collection.

One of the tracks from The Leric Story is Queen Sylvia Embry who was a great bass player – a rarity among women in the blues world and occasional vocalist who never quite got her due. Listen to her sing a Dawkins composition, "Too Bad Baby", and think about how she might have changed the landscape if she’d had the chance to lend her vocals to more songs. (audio sample below.)

So, whatever you’re up to late Saturday, early Sunday, take us along. We’ve got great music, some bad jokes, and you can even raid the fridge while we’re talking. We won’t mind as long as you bring us back a sandwich and a little cranberry sauce. Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Sundays at 1 AM.