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The Holmes Brothers! More Blues Project! Li'l Ronnie Episode #3!

Be sure to join us this week (4/12/14) on Time For The Blues as Henry Cook and I will be up to our old tricks. That is, we’ll be serving up some very hot music and some very bad jokes. We make no bones about it, slide on up to the radio and relax and have a great time, we certainly will. We'll have brand new Holmes Brothers, more Blues Project and another visit with local harpmaster Li'l Ronnie Owens to share with you!

Everybody’s got a favorite time of the year. Some love the fall for the cool weather, others love the end of the year for the holiday festivities, but the dynamic duo of Henry Cook and John Porter love unequivocally those first few days of Spring known as Opening Day.

Yes, baseball. The National Pastime. The game that can still stir emotions in a person’s heart, even if they are asleep by the seventh-inning stretch. We can both cheer for our favorite teams and dream that in Henry’s case, the Phillies can break .500 and in John’s case, he can just be happy that the Cubs can finish no lower than last place.

Because if anybody could do it, it would be the Cubs.

It’s time for pitchers to pitch, fielders to field, and batters to knock one out of the park. And this week on Time For The Blues, we’re not doing much pitching or fielding, but we’ve definitely got some music that will knock it out of the park. For example, one of our favorites that doesn’t get as much play as we would like are The Holmes Brothers and we are going to feature their latest Alligator release "Brotherhood." These guys blend gospel into the blues as well as anyone has ever done it, and they are at the top of their game on this release.

Just because we haven’t gotten anywhere near the end of the very cool Blues Project "Anthology", Henry’s got another feature on that 1960’s group and their lasting influence.  Just for fun, we’ve got material from Joe Louis Walker himself as well as Paul Rogers (his latest CD samples the Stax sound)! For another treat our good friend Li’l Ronnie Owens stops back (maybe with some pizza?) by to pay us a visit and spin tales and new tracks featuring a new Ellersoul Records artist, Holland K. Smith.

So if you don’t know the drill by now, catch that nap and curl up with your radio Saturday at 11:00 p.m. when it’s (okay, everybody now) Time For The Blues