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Hendrix's Angels and Albert King Remastered!

Join us the week (4/7/13) as Time for the Blues features legendary guitarists--tracks from the new Jimi Hendrix release as well as a newly remastered version of Albert King's late 60's Stax classic "Born Under a Bad Sign" -- isn't that a cool cover? These tracks sound as fresh as if they were recorded yesterday! We'll also check out the new CD by Andy Poxon!

There's been maybe a zillion repackaged Jimi Hendrix albums since his passing in 1970. Some are of note, as in the "Blues" release some years ago, some not. In the new release "People, Hell and Angels", we find some prime examples of Jimi's '68-'69 studio sessions, noteworthy experiments with drummer Buddy Miles and bassist Billy Cox. We're going to play a few tracks that focus on blues arrangements that would have been VERY intersting later on had Jimi stayed with us a while longer!

Now, Stax/Concord has released a second remastering of the classic Albert King 1967 album "Born Under a Bad Sign." The first remaster, back in 2002, stayed faithful to the original tracks on the LP. This one adds alternate takes and the sound has been vastly improved. See, the original tracks used the "vocal in one channel, backing band in the other" stereo technique that the Beatles used in their mid 60's classics like "Rubber Soul" and "Revolver" but this technique really didn't do Albert's voice or guitar justice (didn't really work for the Beatles either, in my opinion). But in this new remastering, the left and right channels are more evenly dispersed while still maintaining great seperation--a must for headphone listening! We'll hear an alternate take of the title track and more!

Why pick an alternate take? Well, like the Jimi Hendrix tracks we'll play, we want to feature the very cool dynamic of actually sitting in a studio session as musicians work out what they want on the recording. Back in the day, I was in bands and even worked  recording/sound for some friends and I loved the stuff we would kinda make up on the fly! So, quite often I would just turn on the tape machine and capture whatever happened--some stuff was better than what we PLANNED to record! I think that's what makes the Hendrix and Albert tracks sound so great--the immediacy of the music--and we hope you will agree!

We have another new treat for you as well this week--a couple of tracks from our friend and rising young guitarist/singer/songrwriter Andy Poxon! We met Andy last September at Li'l Ronnie's Harmonica Revue concert and loved his first indy release and have played tracks from that before! This new one on EllerSoul is called "Tomorrow" but you should check it out today! Legndary guitarist/singer Duke Robillard takes a hand in this CD, producing as well as playing and we love the sound direction Andy's heading in--we hope you will too!

About that Harmonica Revue John and I enjoyed--it was sponsored by our friends at the River City Blues Society of Virginia! Starting this week (and every week), tune in a little early and just before the show starts you'll get to hear the fun upcoming concerts and events they will be sponsoring--so you can get your blues on as well!

Whew! My poor little fingers are tired! Have I convinced you enough to grab that nap Saturday afternoon, get fresh jammies, some popcorn and stay up late with us? You'll love these tracks! Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Sundays at 1:00 a.m.

Anyone have a story about a cool studio session you were lucky enough to attend? (family-friendly, please) Share it with us!