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Halloween Blues 2012!

Join us this week as Time for the Blues (10/28/12) drags out the scariest blues songs we can find! Even if they're not THAT scary, you can always turn off the lights and do that flashlight thing under your chin for effect!

Every kid loves Halloween. And you’ve never met two bigger kids than Henry Cook and Professor Johnny Porter. We love just about everything about Halloween, costumes, parties, and especially candy. Except candy corn. For some reason, Henry absolutely HATES candy corn.

There’s also usually some drama concerning costumes as well. We’ve been known to dress up in some pretty outlandish outfits. This year we were looking to go as something really scary, but we couldn’t figure out how to go trick or treating dressed as the Chicago Cubs’ won-lost record or the Presidential Debates. I guess we’re going to go as the Blues Brothers – again – and what could possibly go wrong with two guys walking around at night in dark suits while wearing sunglasses?

While we hadn’t really planned on doing a Halloween show, we received a request via this blog (see, we really do read your comments) and decided what the heck? So, it was back to our library of blues tunes to see if we could find a few new things to play.

And boy howdy did we.

We’ve got the force of nature herself, the legendary Koko Taylor. Speaking of legends, how about some sides from greats like B.B. King and Eric Clapton?

What’s that, said the guy dressed up in the gorilla suit, can we get some more classics? Well, my furry friend, we’ve got music from James Cotton, Nina Simone, and Al Kooper with Steven Stills. How’s that for some heavy hitters? And let me tell you, Skip James has got some pretty heavy duty chops as well.

We’ve also got a few sides that were new to us, and we can’t wait to share them with you. One guy is named Bob Malone, the other group is John Vosel and the Boogie Monsters. Have mercy!

You know the drill; make sure you rest up on Saturday, because we’re going to start this little shindig at 1:00 AM on Sunday. Be sure to tell your friends to tune in and join the fun, because it’s going to swing with some of the best house rocking music around.

And don’t tell Henry, but I’m bringing the candy corn.

Hey, we want to hear from you. What’s the costume you wore that you hated the most? Maybe next year one of us will wear it!