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Gary Moore Tribute and the Goldwax Story, Episode 2

If you ever heard Gary Moore play the blues, you never forgot it! This week on Time for the Blues (7/17/11) we'll play some of his best in tribute to a superb guitarist who left us way too soon! We'll also dive back in for more great sides from the little-known '60s Memphis-based R&B label in The Goldwax Story, Episode 2!

A long time ago, in a galaxy... (actually, it was WCVE), we used to hold the reknowned "Musical Yard Sale".  Generous folks would donate instruments, stereo equipment and most of all, thousands and thousands of records! After the sale, what was left wasn't exactly on the "must have" list--but it was fun to sort through and laugh and laugh and laugh some more.  One of my favorites is what you see.  YOU WILL NOT HEAR THIS on Time for the Blues--EVER!

So what does that have to do with this week's show? Tune in and find out! What we are proud to present is a small tribute to one of the best guitarists that ever shredded the blues, Gary Moore.  Gary passed away way too young in February this year and we will miss him.  A former member of Thin Lizzy, Gary was perhaps a bit underrated but an amazingly fast and technically proficient player who made his reputation in hard rock and heavy metal through the 70s and 80s. He returned to his first love, the blues, with the 1990 release "Still Got the Blues."  Many more blues albums later, his CD releases on Eagle Records from 2006-2009 may have been his best.  We've featured many tracks from all his blues releases in past shows and we'll play a few of his best--like his version of Sonny Boy Willmson's "Eyesight to the Blind"--check out the sample below!

Also this week, we'll feature another episode of The Goldwax Story.  If you heard the first installment last week, you heard fantastic soul singers like James Carr, Spencer Wiggins and the Ovations. This week we'll hear from Willie Walker (John's favorite of the Goldwax artists), Percy Milem (sounding much like a famous Atlantic Records singer of the mid-'60s) and the Gospel R&B feel of O.V. Wright and the Keys

So whay not grab that nap, take a chance and stay up with us? We promise NO 101 STRINGS...EVER!...or PERCY FAITH, for that matter! Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Sundays at 1:00 AM.

Do you have a favorite laughably bad old record album? Let us all in on it!