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Gary Clark Jr., More Ben Harper w/Charlie Musselwhite and Goldwax!

Catch Time for the Blues this week (3/10/13) as John and I check out the debut release by Gary Clark Jr. as well as some more tracks from Ben Harper with Charlie Musselwhite and also more lost gems from the Goldwax label! We promise you'll be amazed! least, slightly amused!

Back in October I heard a great story on Fresh Air about this rising guitarist/singer/songwriter Gary Clark Jr. The samples they played from his debut album "Blak and Blu" made me stop everything I was doing and really listen! His style is reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix with maybe some Stevie Ray Vaughan and even a bit of Robin Trower's sound, but in actuality, he's quite unique! And he doesn't just play crunchy blues--he even delves into some very cool do-woppy R&B with "Please Come Home" (you'll hear it on the show) and even some Stax sounds and a bit of hip-hop!

But blues is Clark's forte on this disc and you'll want to sample "Bright Lights" below! To hear and read the story about him from Fresh Air, just click here. Funny thing, though, things got so busy for us after I heard that story that it kind of slipped my mind to get this CD on the show before the holidays! So, how did we finally see the light?

When the new Ben Harper w/Charlie Musselwhite CD "Get Up!" was released, I went to the Billboard Blues Charts to see how it was doing and what did I see? It was #1, having just displaced...wait for it...Gary Clark Jr.! Gary's "Blak and Blu" had actually been #1 for weeks and weeks previously! I just went back to the charts again as I'm writing this and guess what? This week Gary is back to #1 and Ben/Charlie are #2! So no matter how you stack it, you'll be hearing tracks from the Nos. 1 and 2 blues albums this week!

That's because we'll hear more tracks from Get Up!--and these are sweet, with one gospel-ly, slightly off-syncopated track "We Can't End This Way" along with a smoldering delta-style track and a hard-hitting finale to the show! Don't want to give away everything--you just have to hear it!

Are we done there? Does New England Patriots' QB Tom Brady have a MOAT around his house? We're going to dive back into the Goldwax Story! We've had near a dozen episodes of this little-known Memphis record label from the 60's--and I found some more unreleased sides! The talented singers and songwriters of Goldwax should have had more recognition like their counterparts at Motown, Atlantic and Stax did but at least we can enjoy their music now! You'll hear a great track from perhaps the best Goldwax had, James Carr, as well as a smooth R&B lament from Lee "Shot" Williams and a dance-party tune from Ben Atkins!

So grab that Saturday afternoon nap (while golf is on--like I do), wash your jammies and stay up late with us! Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs sundays at 1:00 a.m.

Check out the Blues charts with the link I put in paragraph #4--anyone else there you want us to feature (that we haven't already)? Give us a shout and we'll do right by you!