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Elvis Unleaded?

Elvis Unleaded? What's up with that? Check out Time for the Blues this week (4/21/13) as we reveal the mystery behind this cool CD and check out more tracks from Albert King's "Born Under a Bad Sign Remastered" as well as some way cool crossovers! Don't you just love quirky, imaginative CD premises like this?

So, if you look closely at the CD cover you can see in the nameplate The Mike Eldred Trio! This hot group has two current releases out--"Unleaded" and a Robert Johnson homage "61/49" that we featured some weeks ago! Mike is an incredibly talented guitarist and his backing guys from The Blasters (John Bazz, bass and Jerry Angel, drums) make a true bluesromp on both these discs! What's the connection with Elvis Presley on this disc and what sides will we play from Unleaded? You'll just have to tune in to find out!

But I can tell you we'll hear more from "Born Under a Bad Sign Remastered"--the second (and most recent) updating of this classic 1967 Albert King album from the great Memphis recording studio Stax Records! The folks at the current Stax/Concord/Fantasy group really made Albert's vocal and guitar licks come alive as you'll hear in "Crosscut Saw" and a truly heart-rending version of Deadric Malone's "As the Years Go Passing By"--a must-hear!

But wait..there's more! (haven't I used that before?) We're also debuting tracks from a beautifully recorded CD, "Haunted" by Matt Baxter and Jake Sampson! Matt's a great session guitarist and Jake handles the vocals and bass for some of the silkiest delta-sounds we've heard in a awhile! Check out the sample below! This seems to be their first widespread release and we hope there's more!

We'll also throw in a track from Kevin Selfe's latest, "Long Walk Home" and a cut from one of our favorite recent releases, "Deal With It" from 4Jacks--great swing blues!

Jamming in as much music as we possibly can in an hour, we're also going crossover-crazy with a set that features The Jimi Hendrix Experience performing a Muddy Waters/Willie Dixon classic live at the BBC! Plus, a previously unreleased jam session between Jimi and Stephen Stills (Crosby Stills, Nash & Young) that was just released on Stills' career box set, "Carry On"--that's very intriguing! Remember what I said about the magic of just turning on the tape recorder in the studio when guys are just goofing around? This is a great example of unexpected cool! There's one more blues crossover track you won't believe, either, but we're keeping that a secret!

So grap that nap Saturday afternoon, get fresh jammies and popcorn and stay up with us and find out the mystery of Elvis Unleaded! Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Sundays at 1:00 a.m.

Got an example of a blues crossover (say, to rock, R&B or even classical) we should put on the show? Let us know about it and we'll give YOU the credit on the show!