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Bob Corritore, More Cadillac Records and Election Blues!

Check out Time for the Blues this week (11/4/12) as we're featuring award-winning harp player extraordinaire Bob Corritore, more from the Cadillac Records Soundtrack and even serving up some blues for the upcoming election! Now we're wondering, why would an election EVER give anyone the blues?

I’ve mentioned it before, on this blog as a matter of fact, that Henry and I don’t get out much. Mainly because no one wants to have us around, and if they did invite us, well, we’re just not that sociable. But a little while back we were invited to attend a Harp Festival thrown by our friend Li’l Ronnie and his band The Grand Dukes. You can read about it on this site's blog (from September), or even here (on my relatively new blog in which I review recent CDs and other music related items).

While we were hanging out with Ronnie and Company we had the chance to meet a musician that we both liked a lot. His name is Bob Corritore and he didn’t know it, but he sparked one of our greatest arguments over the pronunciation of his last name. Was it Corr-i-TOR (Henry) or Corr-i-TORY (John)? We’ve heard it said both ways but leaned towards the former (mainly because Henry’s feelings are easily hurt), and now here was a chance to settle the dispute once and for all.

Bob’s answer?

“Either way is good. I’ve got relatives who pronounce it either way.”

So there you go, not only is he a great harp player, but a born diplomat. We’d run him for President, just to add a touch of blues to the debates.

Bob turned us on to a few CDs on the Delta Groove label and one was a compilation he did featuring music with some of the all time greats. You’re going to hear tracks from it along with some sides from James Cotton, James Solberg, and Gary Moore.

Also for fun we’ve got more selections from the soundtrack of a big movie about the giants of the blues. You remember the one about Chess? Well, we’re not playing games, just more great music.

Then to round out things, as our tribute to the election, Henry and I get about as political as we’re going to get with sides from The Treniers (just how do you pronounce that name?) and Canned Heat with Clarence Gatemouth Brown.

So you know the drill; catch a nap and stay up late to join us in all the madness. We need the company and the fun starts at 1:00 AM Sunday right here on WCVE Public Radio.

What blues song do you think sums up the recent election the best? Drop us a line and maybe we’ll get it on the air!